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De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 466 woorden.

Jo and Ruth, the main characters of this story, are friends.
They are invited to come to Paris. When they are packed standing on the airport Jo’s mom comes to them. She asks if they want to go to Amsterdam so they can show Amsterdam to a group of rich American people. The man who actually should do it was ill and they needed someone who will take it over.
They decided to go to Amsterdam and when they arrive there, their bags are lost. If that’s not enough they also get lost and they’re just on time in the hotel to met the group and went to some galleries.
By second gallery are very expensive and very special things. There bought Mrs. Lawrence a very special golden Buddha statue. They went back to the hotel and Jo and Ruth have the feeling that they where followed by someone but they didn’t relay see anyone. Jo thinks that it are to man, but Ruth think it’s rubbish.
The same afternoon one of their followers, Karel, goes to their group and he wants to buy the Buddha.
He said that the Buddha belongs of their cloister but he was been stolen and they want the Buddha back. But he could just pay the half the sum they gave for it. The Lawrence believed him and want to make a deal but Jo and Ruth didn’t’.
Then they see the second follower and they found out that he tells the same sorts of stories as the first did to other people. Like: this belongs to my sister etc. And he wants just like the first one the Buddha. On the moment they want to catch him Karel does. He turns out to be a cob and he was after this man. He thought he could catch him on this way and he did.
The story ends good and Jo and Ruth can finally go to Paris.

The story is been told trough the eyes of Jo, one of the main characters. She’s relay telling the story.
Like the beginning; I was certain I knew what happen when I told Ruth the good news. It was two hours before I found out is was wrong… And later, on the beginning of chapter six that start with: Have you ever had the experience of seeing something but not understanding what you’re seeing until it’s almost too late? It happened to me in the first gallery.
It’s like a account in a diary or something which she wrote after her adventures.

I relay liked the story, it isn’t like the other English books I read before. They go about boring things and things which are only interesting for little children.
But this book is like a book I also had chosen in Dutch.

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