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1. Author: George Orwell
(Eric Blair,1903 - 1950 because of tuberculosis)
Titles of some other works by the same author:
Burmese Days(1934,his first novel), The Road to Wigan Pier (1937)
Animal Farm (1945)

2. Title: Nineteen Eighty-Four
Explain the title :
Orwell wrote this book in 1948, he turned the 8 and the 4 and he
got 1984.

3. Date of Publication: 1960 4. Edition: Penguin Books
First published : 1949 (1954 in Penguin Books)

5. Genre: Novel of ideas, anti-utopian novel, political novel

6. Theme(s): the fight of a person against a party which rules
everything and destroys the most elementary human values.

7. List of (main) characters and description of them:

Winston : A smallish, frail person of 39 years, trying to fight
against the party and Big brother by starting a diary. He has a
varicose ulcer Which indicates his feelings to the party.

Julia : Winston has met her at his work, first he thought she was
a member of the thoughtpolice. He loves her because she is
exactly the opposite of his wife Katharine.

O'Brien :An older, big man but looks clever. Winston thought he
could trust him, this was a big mistake, O'Brien turned out to be
a member of the Thoughtpolice

8. Narrative Technique: The story is told by the writer.

9. a) Time lapse: One Year
b) In what time or period is the story situated:
In 1984, a time that the world is divided into three pieces ,
each ruled by the same system and all perpetually at war with
each other.

10. Style: Easy readable descriptive language

11. Stray notes: none

12. What is YOUR OWN opinion of the work:
It's a very good book, not to difficult to read which occupies
the mind from the beginning till the end and gives you something
to think about.

13. Short summary:
In 1984 the world is divided in three parts and Winston Smith
lives in Oceania, in London. Oceania is ruled by the Party and
Winston hates the Party. He starts to make a diary as a
resistance against the Party. He meets a girl, Julia, who also
hates the Party and they meet very often in a room Winston has
rent from a Proles. They decide to join the Brotherhood and trust
O'Brien. Then they are caught and brought to the Ministry where
they are tortured and where they betray each other. NAAM!!!!!!!
5V, 28-5-1989
George Orwell
Nineteen Eighty-Four

1984, the world id divided into three parts, Oceania, Eastasia and
Eurasia, all perpetually at war. Winston Smith lives in Oceania, in
London. Oceania is ruled by the Party, which has created a
totalitarian state without an opposition, leaded by Big Brother.
Winston Smith starts to write a diary in a book of good old Quality
which he has bought in a shop from a proles. He does this, although
he knows that this is very dangerous, it can cause his death, as a
resistance against the Party and Big Brother which he hates. He knows
that the party tells a lot of lies. He works at the Ministry of Truth
. His work is when something is published but it seems to struggle
with the truth to change these publications. On this way the Party
makes the past up-to-date. When, at one day, he has to change an
article about three-ex-Party members, Aaronson, Jones and Rutherford
who he has seen in the cafe the Chestnut Tree, he knows for sure that
the Party tells lies and that he has the evidence in his hands. But
he also knows that it is very dangerous to tell anybody about it,
because he can be vaporized, so he throws the paper away. At his
work, during the Two Minutes Hate, he sees a girl from the novel
department. First he thinks that she is a member of the thoughtpolice
and he wants to kill her. But when she has given him a note, it
appears that he loves her and she loves him. Winston then rents a
room from a proles and there have several meetings. The girl Julia
also hates the Party and Big Brother and they want to try to join the
Brotherhood, the illegal resistance. When at his work Winston meets
O'Brien and O'Brien makes a remark about an old friend of Winston who
has been vaporized, Winston thinks that O'Brien is a member of the
Brotherhood (this was a very big mistake). Julia and Winston visit
O'Brien at home and he arranges that they get they get the book The
Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism written by Emmanuel
Goldstein, the leader of the Brotherhood. Then a few days later when
Julia and Winston are reading the book , they are caught by the
thoughtpolice and they are brought to the ministry of Love. There
Julia and Winston are tortured by O'Brien who is member of the
thoughtpolice. But Winston hasn't betrayed Julia during the tortures
and that makes him feel strong. Then he is Brought to room 101, the
room where every body is tortured with the thing he is most scared
of, and Winston is very scared of rats, and he is tortured with rats.
He betrays Julia. Julia has also betrayed him, They don't love each
other anymore and they are broken. But ...Winston loves Big Brother.

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