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Harry started his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but it wasn’t so far already. It is summer holidays and Ron invited him for the Quidditch world cup. First he stayed a few days with Ron and then they went to the world cup. On the evening of the finale, the dark mark appeared in the air. Everyone is confused. The last time that this happened was years ago, when Voldemort killed Harry’s parents.

A few days later, they took the train to school. Professor Dumbledore said that this year the Quidditch cup didn’t took place. There took place a Triwizard Tournament (this was a tournament between 3 schools) in fact of a Quidditch cup. All the students (with a higher age than 17) could put their name in a goblet and on the evening of Halloween, the champions will be chose by the goblet of fire.

On the evening of Halloween… After the dinner, Dumbledore stood up and said that the goblet will reveal the champions. Of each school, there was one champion, but… After that the goblet have said his third champion, he lighted up for another time, and a fourth name fell out of the goblet. On the paper stood the name of HARRY POTTER. Harry was very surprised, because he hasn’t put his name in the goblet. It was very unusual that there were 4 champions and it was even more unusual that the goblet hasn’t threw Harry’s name out. Harry and the other 3 champions had to do 3 tests and the one who has got after the test the highest score will be champion of the Triwizard Tournament.

The first test will be getting closer and Hagrid has show Harry what the first test is: dragons. Each champion has to get hold of an egg by passing the dragon. Victor Krum and Harry have the same score when the test is finished. For the second test, they had to work out the egg. When Harry held the egg under the water, he heard a song. They sang that if he will be to late, his dearest will be dead. He used a herb and with that herb, he could breathe under the water. He saved Ron. After the test, he and Cedric had the same score. For the third test, they had to pass through a labyrinth. In the middle of that labyrinth, stood the trophy. Harry and Cedric were at the same time by the trophy and they decided to catch the trophy both. At the moment that they caught the trophy, they felt a jerk and their feet had left the ground. When they stood back on the ground, they were somewhere else, on a graveyard. The trophy was a Then they heard someone coming and a cold voice said to kill Cedric. Cedric was being killed by Wormtail. Harry saw that Wormtail held something in his arms… It was Voldemort. After a time… Lord Voldemort had risen again. He wanted to kill Harry, but Harry took the portkey and he was not longer at the graveyard, but he was back at Hogwarts with the dead body of Cedric. There was a helper of Voldemort at Hogwarts and he was one of the teachers. After a while, the school year was over and Harry had to go back to his aunt and uncle. He must miss Hogwarts for 2 whole months.
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