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Oliver Barett meets Jennifer Cavilleri for the first time at the Radcliffe library, as he asks her for having a book.

They are immediately squabbling. Jennifer defies him and then she snap at him. Oliver invites her for a hockey game and she comes to watch it. After the game Oliver kisses her. When Oliver tells her that he’s in love with her she answers that he’s full of shit. Oliver doesn’t have a good relationship with his father. Oliver thinks that he makes him, but his father comes to his hockey game. Oliver is jealous when he hears Jennifer saying”I love you Phil”, but phil is jennifers father. Jennifer and Oliver see each other daily for three weeks, but they haven’t slept with each other. When they make love for the first time, oliver doesn’t know that she is so soft, tender and gentle. He didn’t even know that he was tender and gentle. Jenny asks Oliver to ask her whether she loves him.When he asks, she answers that she doesn’t just love him; she loves him very much. Jenny gives a concert. She is harpsicherd soloist. Oliver is very proud. After it, Jenny says that she’s going to Paris. Oliver is very amazed and then he says he want to mary her. They are going to Olivers parents. They are very rich, but Jenny is poor and Oliver doesn’t very comfortable. He wants to go home. But Jenny makes him stay for dinner.

Jenny understands things Oliver never needed to carve out in words. Oliver and his father fight and then Oliver walks out of his life. He doesn’t see him in the next three years. In those three years, Jenny and Oliver marry.

Oliver meets Phil. Phil says that oliver is ‘okay’, but Oliver will never understand what okay means. Oliver has to ask scholarship for his school, because of the fight with his father. They marry on a Sunday. During the firts three years, they have to live very economical. Oliver is studying and Jenny is working. Oliver is invited on his fathers birthday and Jenny wants him to go, but Oliver doesn’t want to. Jennifer phones his parents and says to his father that they don’t come, but that Oliver loves him. Oliver refuses to speak him, though Jenny is begging him. She never asked him for anything but this, but Oliver can’t do it. Jenny goes as Oliver scraems that she get the hell out of his life. Oliver is searching for her all day and when he goes back home, Jenny is sitting on the top of the step. Oliver is in the top three on Law school graduating class. They move to New York, where Oliver gets a job. They want to make a baby, but jenny doen’t become pregnant. They go through tests and jenny have to go once again. Oliver has to go to see the doctor. He tells him that jenny is very sick; she’s dying.

Oliver can’t tell Jenny, but the doctor has done that when Oliver will tell it. Jennifer still wnats to cook, she only allows oliver to clean up. Jenny has to go to the hospital and oliver wants her to have the very best. To give her that, he has to ask his dad for money. One evening Jenny wnats to speak to oliver. She says that it isn’t Olivers fault and that he must stop blaming hisself. Then they hold each other. In that hug she dies. Oliver has to take a walk for breathe air. He sees his father, who’s heard about Jennifers sickness. He wants to help, but oliver says that she’s dead. His father says that he’s sorry. Oliver repeats Jennies words by saying: Love means not ever having to say you’re sorry. Then he cries in his fathers arms.


Erich Segal


Love story

1st edition


Edition I’ve read


Publishing house

Hudder and Stoughton

Place where the book is published



The title from the book is calling: Love story. I think the author chosed this title because he tells you a story about Oliver and Jennifer who love each other. So it is about their love story from Oliver and Jennefer. How they met and how they fall in love in a strange way. I think the title is a good one, although the title looks like the book has a happy ending. So that was the surprise, when I read the book.


There is no motto


The theme is: Terrible things can happen, when you least expect it.

Oliver and Jennifer were finally happy with each other, even though the circumstance weren\'t always good. And then suddenly Jennifer turns out to be sick. At the end of the book, she dies.

So for Oliver it is a thing what he didn’t expect. He losed his wife.

The beginning and the end of the story

In the beginning of the story Oliver went to the Radcliffe library for a book he had to borrow for his study. Behind the desk he asked a women, named Jenny, if she also has the book he needs for his study. The two people, Oliver and Jenny, began dialog about who of the two is smart. Jenny’s conclusion is that Oliver is the one who’s stupid and that’s because he didn’t ask Jenny out for drinking some coffee with him. Oliver decides to do ask her to go for coffee. Oliver waits for Jenny till the library closed and after that the went together to the Midget Restaurant. There they bought two coffee and Jennifer took also a brownie. They talked about a lot things. One of the last things they talked about was hockey. Oliver told Jennifer he was playing hockey. He also invited her to come to his next hockeymatch to see him playing. It was next Friday. That Friday, Jenny decided to go to the hockeymatch from Oliver. From that moment they saw each other every day and they did a lot nice things with each other. Sometimes they didn’t like each other but somewhere in the middle of the story, Oliver and Jenny decided to marry each other.They were both happy till they heard Jenny couldn’t be pregnant because she was ill. Jenny was so ill that she should die very fast.

At the end of the book Oliver visites Jenny in the hospital. They have a discussion about Oliver was being sick. Jenny says when he don’t stop being sick, she don’t want him at her deathbed. Oliver says he is sorry. Then Jenny asks Oliver to hold her real tight. Oliver holds Jenny and she thanks him. That were her last words.

In the Solarium, Oliver talked to the father of Jenny, Phil Cavilleri. Phil said to Oliver he wish he hadn’t promised Jenny to be strong for Oliver. Oliver went away from Phil. He had to be alone. He went to the lobby from the hospital. There was silence, so he could be alone. But then his father called his name. Oliver stopped walking and listened to what his father want to tell to him. His father began that Oliver should have told his father about Jenny’s death and that he as soon as he found out, went to the solarium. Also he told Oliver he want to help him, but Oliver said that Jenny is now death. Oliver’s father told he’s sorry. Then Oliver said to his father the words he had learned long ago from Jenny: Love means not ever having to say you’re sorry. He falled in the arms of his father en they cried.


I’m happy I’ve chosen this book. I liked it very much. In the beginning I understood every sentence but later there where moments I didn’t understand the meaning of some words or sentences. But the most of the book was not very difficult to read.

The main charactars were two normal people. They could be real persons. Sometimes I had to laugh about them. For example in the beginning of the book when they talked about smart and stupid and rich and arm. I think the story itself was also very realistic. Everything in writed as in a normal situation. Everything was going on during the busy relationship.

The moments I liked most were the beginning and the end. These moments were most exciting. I also liked the story because I hadn’t read a story before with a theme like this book has. And the third reason I liked the book was because it was a short book this time. Most books I read were very long but I don’t like that at all. So this was happily a bit shorter.

The story wasn’t very sad. Only at the end when Jennifer suddenly died. I liked this ending because most story’s have a happy ending or a which you can fill in yourself.

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