Boekverslag : H.g. Wells - The Time Machine
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1014 woorden.


Title: The Time Machine

Number of pages: 101

Author: H G Wells

How long did it take you to read the book?: 4 days


Write down in one or two sentences what the story is about.

It’s about a man, who travels into time. He get to things he never would have expected.


When and where does the story takes place? Note any special or unusual features if the time and place.

Most of the time it takes place in the future, in the year 802.701. And I don’t really know where it takes place, I can’t find it right now either.

4) Characters

Who are the main characters in the story and describe them/give some more information about them (what do they look like, role in story, age, how do they act, what makes them special, mutual relations, problems, interests etc.)

The main characters are; The Time Traveller, The Doctor, Weena, and myself. You have the feeling of really being there, It’s the way it’s written.


Which of the characters do you like the best? Why?

The Time Traveller himself, because he tells thing in a interesting way.


a) What is the most important event in the story?:

That the Time Traveller get into the future with his time machine.

b) Name another important event in the story:

That he lost his time machine, so he can’t go back to the normal past.


For a story to be interesting the characters must usually solve one or more problems that confront them or a conflict among them they had to solve. What is the most important problem the characters have to solve?

The Time Traveller has to deal with many problems, the most important problem is; He can’t get out of the future.


What lesson(s) or interesting facts/ideas did you learn from this book?

You can do anything you want, if you just put yourself really into it.


Give your own opinion about the book.

I think it’s a really great book, you wanna read it all the time. Because there’s always something interesting going on.


Would you recommend this book to one of your classmates? Why or why not?

Yea, why not. It’s an interesting book, and it’s not very thick. You can read it if you can in one night. Without stopping.


Write a summary of the story.

The story start with a time traveller telling a story about his time machine, no one believes him at first, but he gets his scalemodel after all. It seems to work, however, he disappears. The next day, the time traveller is gone. They start with dinner as always. A little while later the Time Traveller steps into the room covered with dirt, scratches and wounds. When he’s finished freshing him up and eating some meat, he starts his story. He tells about the scary feeling when he travels in time, and how he end up a couple of million years later in time. He gets welcomed by little people. After a while they wouldn’t pay any interest in him or his time machine, and they take them to a small little building. They spoke a strange language, which he starts to learn after a while. After sitting there a while, and eating some giant fruits, he wants to walk back to his time machine on the grass. When the Time Traveller arrives there he notice that his time machine is gone! He knows that the time machine couldn’t travel in time, because he had put the levers off. He saw a little white creature running away, but the Time Traveller decided to get back to the little people. The next morning the little people wash themselves in a creek until one of them gets a cramp and gets taken away. The Time Traveller saves her and finds out that her name is Weena. As the people want to get back to sleep at night, he found out that before it gets dark they all gonna lie close together. He lies down a little bit further but Weena didn’t thought that was a good idea. When he woke up the sunlight was a little dimmed. He saw a strange white creature running away. Since he was already awake he decided to watch the sunrise. The next day he found a different place to sleep, nice and cool near a ruin. But then he saw that strange white creature again, it looked like a human spider with yellow/white hair from his head all the way down till his back, and gray/red eyes. He run away into a empty water well. After a couple of days he decided to climb in. It was a long way down, and when he was somewhere in the middle he decided to take a rest. At then he probably fell asleep. And when he woke up, he felt that he was getting touched by a couple of hands. He lit a mach. And suddenly the hands were gone. The Time Traveller run but he gets chased by the human spiders. It was a close call. A little while later as he sat, watching another building he saw earlier, he sees all kind of machines standing there. He gets another attack of the white creatures, which he named them morlocks. This time the Time Traveller take off a pipe from the machine and hit the morlocks with it. Weena and him make a long journey and getting attacked all the time. One time in the forest they made a camp fire which started to burn. It was getting dark and the morlocks had taken Weena away. Just in time the Time traveller escaped of a sea of fire. He was very emotional that he lost Weena in the fire. Some time later, he finds his time machine, but is was a trap! The doors closed and the morlocks touch him again. Just in time he founds a way to escape by putting back his levers. The Time Traveller could travel back in time again. He arrives back home, and tells his story to friends. At first they don’t believe it, but then he shows them the flowers which Weena had put in his pocket.
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