Boekverslag : Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 247 woorden.


This story is about the Christmas-experience of Ebenezer Scrooge in London. A man who has a business of his own, and has a lot of money, but he is very stingy. Jacob Marley was a business-partner of Scrooge, but Marley died exactly seven years ago.

One day, the day before Christmas, Marley's ghost comes to visit him. He tells Scrooge that the next day, three spirits will come to see him, but he doesn't believe it.

He waits until the next day and, like Marley said the first spirit arrives in time, this was The Ghost of Christmas Past. He showed him every Christmas Eve in his youth and how lonely he was then.

After the first spirit had gone and Scrooge had some sleep, the second spirit arrived, this was the Ghost of Christmas Present. He showed how things were going now and what other people thought about him.

Then the second spirit left him with his thoughts and the third one came, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to come. This spirit showed him his future, how it would be if he didn't change the way he acted, he even saw the people's reactions to his death and he saw his own grave. The third spirit also left him

Then he woke up again, it was still Christmas Day and so he decided to change his life. He became a friendly old man, who spent all of his money to the poor and he made everybody happy.
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