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1. Title

The title of the book is ‘Love story’. The first date of publication is in 1970.


The author is Erich Segal. Erich Segal is born in Brooklyn in 1937. Erich Segal received The Golden Globe Award for his first novel ‘Love story’. After ‘Love Story’ he wrote another novel called ‘Oliver’s Story’. This book immediately shot to the top of bestsellers. Another novel he wrote is ‘The Class’. He is married and has two children.


It takes place in America. Oliver and Jennifer both live in a town near to Boston. Later in the book they are getting married and they move to New York.


The main characters are Oliver Barrett IV and Jennifer Cavilleri. Oliver Barrett IV also called Ollie is a student at the Harvard University. He is from a rich family. Oliver doesn’t believe in God, but when Jennifer is dying he is praying. Jennifer Cavilleri also called Jenny or Jen is music student at the Radcliffe University. She is from a middle class Italian descent. She lives with her father called Phil, her mother died at an accident when she was very young. She also doesn’t believe in God.

5.Personal Opinion

I really liked the book, because at the beginning it all looks so perfect, but when Jennifer is going to die you see that live is very short. And that you really should enjoy every minute. When I start reading the book I couldn’t stop, because it was so beautiful, it all looked so perfect. I also liked the ending a lot, not because Jennifer died in the end, but because it was written very good and the end was very unpredictable. It just looked like you where there.

It is a real love story, because love stories never end good.

6. Summary

This love story starts when Oliver borrowed a book in the library. Jennifer worked in this library. Oliver immediately falls in love with her, so he asked her for coffee. After the coffee Oliver asked her to come to his hockey-game. She doesn’t like hockey, but she went to his hockey-game.

Jennifer left the hockey-game earlier, because she wanted to tease Oliver. After the hockey-game Jennifer waited for Oliver outside. When Oliver brought Jennifer home he phoned her and said that he loved her.

One day when they are still dating, Oliver heard a conversation of Jennifer with a man on the phone called Phil. Jennifer told him that she loves him and hang up. But this Phil turned out to be the father Jennifer. When her mother died Jennifer had got a good relationship with her father.

Jennifer and Oliver don’t had a physical relationship but on one afternoon they made love to each other. After this afternoon they were always in Oliver’s room. Ray, Oliver’s roommate didn’t understood why Oliver didn’t told him anything about his love life.

Jennifer always gave concerts, but after one concerts Jennifer told Oliver that she could go to Paris and study music there. Oliver didn’t want her to leave, so he asked her to marry him. She said yes.

Oliver and Jennifer told Oliver’s parent about the marriage, but this conversation is very formal. Everybody felt very uncomfortable. Some days later Oliver and his father had an argue about the marriage between Oliver and Jennifer. His father won’t give him financial support anymore. Oliver walked away.

Then they went to visit the father from Jennifer, he is a very nice man to Oliver. After they were both graduated they were getting married.

After three years living in a cheap apartment, they got a invitation from father of Oliver to his sixtieth birthday. Jennifer phoned the father of Oliver, Oliver gets angry and Jennifer walks away. But after Oliver apologised, they were okay again. When Oliver finished from Law School they moved to New York. In New York they decided to have children. But Jennifer can’t get pregnant. After some tests, Jennifer had got some deadly form of leukaemia. After she found out it all went very fast. Jennifer gets very ill and had to go to a hospital. Because they don’t had a insurance Oliver went to his father to borrow 5,000 dollar.

Jennifer’s last words were ‘’Thank you’’. Then Oliver went out of the room to tell Phil that Jennifer died. He went downstairs and saw his father and felt in his arms and cried.
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