Boekverslag : Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 437 woorden.

A Christmas Carol

The film is about a person “Scrooge”. He’s a businessman and worked together with

Jacob Marley. Jacob Marley died on Christmas Eve; only a few people came to his

funeral. That hurt Ebenhaezer, because he thought Jacob Marley was a popular businessman.

When Jacob Marley came back to his company, his “slave” Cratchit asked why he wouldn’t let someone remove the name of “Marley” on the board outside the building. Ebenhaezer said it cost too much. Cratchit’s fingers were freezing; he asked if he was allowed to poke the fire. Ebenhaezer refused, it cost too much.

When Ebenhaezer came home, the spirit of Jacob Marley visited him. Ebenhaezer thought he started freaking out, but Jacob Marley persuaded him to believe it was real.

The spirit said 3 spirits would visit him tonight.

Ebenhaezer wake up and saw the first spirit, he insulted the spirit and therefore the bright light become stronger and Ebenhaezer said “sorry”. The light became weaker, and the spirit started to talk to Ebenhaezer. The spirit took Ebenhaezer to the past and showed him some things from his past that let Ebenhaezer think about his Christmas thoughts.

Then Ebenhaezer wake up and walked down the stairs, spirit #2 was waiting for him. The spirit was the spirit of blessings. And showed him things of the present. First they went to the exchange, Ebenhaezer said he felt as home over there. The spirit answered that Ebenhaezer mustn’t be that greedy. Then the spirit showed him how worse the home situation of his “slave” Cratchit was. Ebenhaezer got regrets of the low salary he paid Cratchit.

Then spirit #3 showed him self. This wasn’t a normal spirit like the other ones; it was the spirit of death and future. He had a black cloak around him with white shining eyes.

Ebenhaezer tried to run away in fear, but the spirit took him to a place. In that place there was a bed, with a dead body on it. Ebenhaezer thought it was the body of Jacob Marley, but later on he realised it was his own body, he was very scared. He asked the spirit to forgive him and promised to make his life better and share. The spirit disappeared, and Ebenheazer saw his name disappearing from the grave. The gravestone broke into two parts and opened, Ebenhaezer felt into it. He was so frightened and wake up and saw he was back in his own sleeping room.

The other day on his work, Ebenhaezer saw that Cratchit was late. He start talking angry on Cratchit but after that he said he would raise the salary of Cratchit.
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