Boekverslag : Mark Twain - The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 481 woorden.

1 wat is de titel van het boek

The title of the book is: “The adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

2 wie is de schrijver

The writer of the book is: “Mark Twain”

3 verklaar de titel

Because they follow Huckleberry’s adventures, the book is called the adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

4 vertel in het kort waar het verhaal over gaat

Huck lives with widow Douglas who civilises him. When his father comes back in town he’s kidnapped by him, because of his fortune he had earned with his friend Tom sayer. Huck runs away from his father to Jackson’s Island where he meets Jim. Afraid to be found they go downstream on the river Mississippi. Their raft hits another boat and the two boys are separated. Huck now lives with the Grangeford family. At first they seem nice, but later he finds out that they aren’t. Later Jim and Huck meet again and continue their raft trip with two frauds. But they betray Jim and sell him to Tom’s aunt. To rescue him Huck makes a plan and Tom joins him. But the plan fails and Jim is recaptured. Then Tom tells everyone the whole truth. Miss Watson feels sorry for Jim and sets him free. Eventually it seems that Jim had been a free man for two months and Tom says that he tried to rescue Jim for the adventure. Now Huck hears that his aunt Sally wants to adopt him, but he doesn’t like the idea of being civilised again.

5 wat is de kern van het verhaal

Engels stinkt, het moet afgeschaft worden!

6 waar is het verhaal gebeurd?

In the story Huckleberry Finn and Jim are travelling down the Mississippi River in the United States of America.

7 in welk milieu speelt het zich af

8 wanneer speelt het verhaal zich af?

The story goes back to the late 19th century in the time when runaway slaves are hunted up badly.

9 is hij/zij sympathiek en waarom

Yes, because he wants to do everything as easily as possible and has a good heart. His father taught him that stealing isn't bad, but Huck seems to disbelieve him. He thinks that superstition is stupid but during the story it seems that he is changing his meaning a little.

10 in wat voor relatie staan zij tot andere personages

Jim is an old and friendly runaway slave who is very superstitious about everything. He is very loyal to Huck.

11 wie zijn de hoofdpersonen

The main character is Huckleberry Finn, he is a fourteen-year old boy who tries to run from a civilised life at a widow and from his father who is addicted to alcohol.

12 wat is het hoogtepunt van het verhaal

When ‘Huck’ got down out of the tree, and crept along down the river bank a piece, and found the two bodies laying in the edge of the water.

I picked this, because it was the part of the book that I found the most shocking
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