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De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 446 woorden.

I am going to tell you something about the book I have read. The name off the book is ‘A Christmas Carol in prose’ and the author is Charles Dickens.


The book is about a man, Ebenezer Scrooge. He is a very rich man, but he doesn’t care about other people. At Christmas Eve the ghost of Marley came to Scrooge. He tells him that three ghosts come to see him. Scrooge doesn’t believe this.

Every ghost told him something different.

The first ghost was the ghost of Christmas Past. She takes him to the past. He sees his old school and he can see himself learning in the school and he also can see his old friends playing with other children. He sees more Christmas on his old school and he only can see himself learning. Then The ghost of Christmas Past takes him home.

The second ghost was the ghost of Christmas Present. This is a big man and he looks like Santa Clause. The ghost of Christmas Present let him see a lot of things. The town and his family.

The third and last ghost was the ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. He can’t talk. He only points. The ghost of Christmas Yet To Come takes him to the future. He sees the reactions to his death. He also can see his grave. He doesn’t like this. He doesn’t want to die this way.

After this experience, he becomes a much nicer person. He became a friendly old man, who spent all of his money, and this was a lot, to the poor and he made everybody happy.


In my opinion the book is advice for other people, because it’s not so difficult. There are not so much difficult words in the text. As a result, you are reading the book very fast. Also the book has not too many pages. The story has 137 pages, but the introduction where the characters are introduced are a lot of pages.

The chapter I like the most, is chapter five. I like that chapter, because after this experience with the ghosts, he becomes a much nicer person. He does no longer want to die in solitary and that almost nobody cries about his death. According to the third ghost that only Bob Cratchit cries with his family about him. This is a poor family and Bob is also an employee of Scrooge. Now he wants to improve his life Bob gets a considerable salary increase. At last Scrooge becomes the second father of the lame son of Bob (Tim).

I think it’s a good thing that Scrooge no longer only thinks of himself, but also of other people.
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