Boekverslag : Nevil Shute - On The Beach
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 217 woorden.

Vragen met antwoorden

1. The book

- What is the number, the title and who’s the writer of the book?

The number : 08686 G

The title : On the beach

The writer : Nevil Shute

2. The background

- In what time the story takes place?

It isn’t said in this book but if you have to guess at hand of drawings and the information you get I think during the cold war

- Geef wat meer info over de mensen die er in voorkomen.

Peter Holmes - He’s an officer of the Australian Navy and one of the main characters of this story

Dwight Towers - He’s also an officer of the Australian Navy and one of the main characters, during the story he gets promoted to admiral.

John Osborne - He’s a scientist who’s examining the radioactivity, he’s also one of the main characters

- Is that background important for the story?

Yes, because you don’t know for instantce why John Osborne is studying the radioactivity or why Peter is rang by the Australian Navy to come by.

3. The kind of book

- What kind of book is it?

It’s a fiction story because it’s made up.

- Why do you think so?

Because otherwise I wouldn’t have lived here now.

- Is the story realistic?

No it’s fiction, so it’s not real although it could be.

4. The persons

Peter Holmes , Dwight Towers and John Osborne

- Discribe two of them.

Peter Holmes - He’s an officer of the Australian Navy and one of the headpersons of this story

Dwight Towers - He’s also an officer of the Australian Navy and one of the headpersons, during the story he gets promoted to admiral.

5. The Summary

There has been a war in the north of the planet between Russia, China and some other countries. The war was ended very quickly due to some nuclear bombs all over the northern side of the planet. It’s slowly coming towards the south and in the north everybody is already killed because the high radioactivity. In Australia lives a man called Peter Holmes ,he’s an officer of the Australian Navy and is rang up to meet with his boss for his next mission. When he gets in Melbourne for his mission he meets his comrade for the next mission officer Dwight L. Towers, he’s an officer of the U.S. Navy and commander of the USS scorpion. During the next months Peter and Dwight will investigate the radioactivity in the north and for that they will get another important comrade called John Osborne. John Osborne is a scientist who’s investigating the radioactivity. When they come to places who are under high radioactivity they find out that everything is still the same only all living things are dead. In the end there’s still no solution for this problem and everybody dies.

6. The Title

- Do you think the title is chosen well?

No, because when I read the story I concluded that it was something else as I expected.

- Would you choose one other title?

Yes, I don’t know one exactly but something that points to ‘the world that’s doomed’ or something like that.

7. Your own opinion.

- Did you read the book with fun.

Yes I read it out in 3 days and that doesn’t happens a lot, I loved to read it.

- What did you like and what didn’t you like

What I like : That Dwight wanted to die because he wanted (as he told) to go back home to Connecticut to his wife and children.

What I didn’t like : That it had an tragic end because everybody died at the end.
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