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The Wave

Morton Rhue, The Wave, first published in: 1981. Number of pages 176.

The reason why I chose this book:

I chose this book because I heard from somebody that it is a very interesting book, so I picked out this book in the library.

The plot

After seeing a film about Nazis the kids in Ross’ class couldn’t believe why people didn’t do anything against the Nazis. Ross thought about what to do about it and about a way the students could learn something about it. He introduced the Wave. By introducing the Wave he tried to give his students a sample, how living in Nazi Germany was.

After this day a lot changed in Gordon High. The Wave had its own rules and ideas. Soon the Wave became dangerous. And Laury was the only one who recognised the danger in it. She tried to convince some of her friends but no one believed her, they thought the Wave was good, everybody who was in the Wave was the same, even the most stupid students did belong to it.

The wave was now really getting dangerous. Students were obsessed by the Wave.

After Laurie had a fight with a member of the wave David knew he had to stop it. They visit Ross to tell him to stop the Wave. Ross already had a plan. He didn't tell it to Laury and David because the plan could only work when nobody knew something about it. The following day there was a meeting for wave members. Ross showed them the same movie as he showed earlier. They were all shocked and knew that is was very bad.

The climax

The Climax is when the most students belong to the wave and are obsessed by it.

Meaning of title

I think that it’s called the wave, because a wave moves into one direction and can’t be stopped by anyone.

Main persons

Benn Ross:He’s a teacher at Gordon High, and does the experiment with the students.

Laurie Saunders:Laurie is a popular and clever girl, she’s the only person who doesn’t belive in the wave.

David Collings:He’s Laurie’s friend, he just realizes that the wave is awfull when he had beaten up Laurie.

What is the setting of the book

The story takes place in the USA, and it is based on a true story.

What type of work is it

It’s a drama book because it are all sad things that happen.

Personal experience

The part I remember the best is when Benn shows the movie and all students know they were behaving extremely dangerous.

Personal opinion

It was a very interesting book, this also because it all really happened. But Benn Ross should have stopped earlier.
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