Boekverslag : Anne Fine - The Killjoy
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 454 woorden.

Title: The killjoy

Author: Anne Fine


Ian Laidlaw is a professor on a Scottish university in Great-Britain. Since his marriage to Margaret to an end he had not taken too much in interest in women. He lived alone and liked it until Alicia Davie laughed in his face for all the world as if she had forgotten about the other side of it, the side she couldn’t see from where she was sitting. It made him feel not just good, but real, happy almost.

In the Administration Office he looks up in her file, and next day he follows her home. Alicia who is a student in his class could logically been his daughter, but she doesn’t care about that.

After they had dinner together, they ended up in bed together. Ian didn’t want to make love to Alicia but he couldn’t really stop her. After a couple of days Alicia moves in with Ian. After a couple of days she asks Ian, of she can also bring her cat, Brightmony, to Ian’s house. He doesn’t like it, but he says yes.

After a couple of weeks Alicia has to go home because of the summer vacation. Ian misses her at the beginning but after that he got over it. When the next term begins and he sees her again, the feeling comes back again. They make love and Alicia moves in again.

Ian is gets obsessed with Alicia and has the power over her. If she does something he doesn’t like he just hit her hard on de face. This goes on for a very long time.

On a certain morning he wakes up and he realise he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. But he doesn’t know how to tell her. He ties her up with chains and leaves her there lying on the bed. He goes to a bar and drinks lots of whisky. In the bar he realises how stupid he is and how mean it is to leave her just like that. He goes back to his home, unties her and tries to apologize. Of course Alicia doesn’t accept his apologize and spits in his face. But that was a mistake. She says to him that he’s a ugly inside and also a ugly outside (Ian has scars on his face as a result of fighting with a dog years ago). It makes him furious and he kills her, but he tells de reader that he killed her by accident.

He drowns her cat, because he don’t know what do with it and thinks it will not survive on the streets. After that he goes to his office to sleep there and his wakes up by the cleaners. There the story ends.
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