Boekverslag : Joseph Conrad - Lord Jim
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 379 woorden.

The playground

The story plays in Patusan in the end of the nineteenth age. The time and the place are a bit importend for the story.

Kind of story

The book has an adventuristic character. The book is long because there are many ships in the story. It is a realistic story because this story can just happened in that times.


-Jim likes heroes and duty. He is a good manof twenty years. He is fired and trys to find a job now.

-Marlow is an old friend of Jim and helps him to find a very good, high payd, job.

-Jewel always said: Cornelius is a very dangerous man, watch out for him.

I think that Jim is a good, social man.

The story

On the ship ‘Patna’ their was a man, Lord Jim when the ship began to sink the men had to leave the ship to save there live. After they left the ship didn’t sink at all. A other ship did save the Patna. Jim stayed there and he lost his right as seamen. Jim met Marlow. Marlow helped Jim to find a job. They met stein a old friend of Marlow. And he has a job for Jim. In his job the people see that Jim is very brave and they see him as a leader. Jim is feels he is in the right place and he likes his job. After a period Jim meets a girlfriend called: Jawel her fathers name is: Cornelius. Cornelius hates Jim becouse of that Jim first did take his job en now also his daughter. Later in the story there are coming pirates, and Jim makes a plan and to move them a way but suddenly unexpected they killed the son of the leader: Patusan. Jim felt himself responsible for his dead. He left his girlfriend for to die. Later Marlow meets the girlfriends of Jim and the pirate Brown he heared the story about Jim and his dead. Then the story ends.

The title

I think the title is a good choice but, it doesn’t tells much of the story. It only tells about the name of the important person.

My opinion

When I read the book, I like it. It was a difficult book but, it was lovely. I like adventure book so I like this.
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