Boekverslag : H.g. Wells - The Time Machine
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 830 woorden.

Uitgever: Longman

Jaar van uitgave: 1952 Aantal blz. 101

Ik heb het boek gekozen omdat:

The title was nice and a friend of me (Anoniem) said it’s a good book he has read this book in Dutch.

Ik vond dit boek:

A difficult book because there are many difficult words.

Ik raad andere uit de klas aan dit boek te lezen omdat,

It’s a good book with a good storyline. And it’s really a great book if you like science-fiction.

Ik geef dit boek het cijfer:


Wie is de hoofdpersoon? Schrijf de naam op en vertel hoe hij/zij is en wat hij/zij doet:

The Time Traveller. He, travelled through the time. He is a good men with fear.

Welke personen komen er nog meer in het boek voor?

Schrijf de namen op en vertel hoe zij zijn en wat zij doen.

Doctor, he’s eyewitness of The Time Machine.

Filby, he has red hair and he’s eyewitness of The Time Machine.

Psychologist, he’s also eyewitness of The Time Machine.

Medical Man, He thinks why can’t we travel in the fourth direction.

Weena, The girlfriend of The Time Traveller. She’s the one who not hate humans. She’s a Eloi (very little people, living in 802,701).

Morlocks, they are animal’s, they all hate human’s and they have stolen The Time Machine.

Waar speelt het zich af?

By The Time Traveller home and in the year 802,701.

Wanneer speelt het verhaal zich af?


Verklaar de titel van het boek.

The Time Machine is a machine which who you can travel through the time.

Welke personen vond je het aardigst? Licht je antwoord toe.

The Time Traveller and Weena. Because they like each other and are in love.

Welke personen vond je het minst aardigst? Licht je antwoord toe.

Morlocks because they want to kill The Time Traveller.

Wat gebeurt er? Vertel het verhaal in grote lijnen.

The Time Traveller sit by his friend in his house and showed them the little Time Machine. Only his friends don’t believe that that little machine is working. Then showed the Time Traveller that this little machine is working so the machine disappeared to the year 802,701. His friends ask him for the big machine. He said next week you can see him. But when his friends are coming he’s not at home. A few minutes later he come back and his friend’s ask him where he was. The Time Traveller said that he was travelling. Then the story begins. The Time Traveller comes back, they saw that his coat was dirty, his hair disordered and his chin had a brown cut on it. He went upstairs to was and dress himself. When he came back, he ate and started with telling his story: I have travelled into the time. He told them that he was in the year 802.701 where he met little people and they had given him flowers. The people there are called Eloi’s. The Eloi’s are strange because they are very little and they only eat fruit. In the evening his Time Machine had disappeared. He’s thought that his machine was maybe in the Sphinx. When he woke up he saw a white monkey. This kind of apes are called Morlocks. The Time Traveller becomes a friend with a Eloi, Weena, she’s the one who is interested in the Time Traveller because he can’t speak their language. One day he saw that the Eloi’s are afraid for the Morlocks and he saw that Morlocks are afraid for sun-light. He know’s that Morlocks only live in the night. Then he knows that the Morlocks have stolen his Time Machine because the Morlocks hates human. He goes to the wells and strike a match and the Morlocks are running away. Only when the strike goes out the Morlocks come back and he and Weena must ran away. They are going to walk to the green palace (the living place of the Eloi’s. After two days they arrived by the green palace the Sphinx is closed. So they have to find anything to open the Sphinx. He founds dynamite, Comphor and match-box. When they are going to sleep they make a fire. In the night the Morlocks attacked him and Weena, but happily enough he saved Weena. But by the second attack Weena was gone. Next day he goes into the Sphinx because the Morlocks forgot to close the Sphinx. But when he was in there, the Morlocks came and tried to catch him. When he was escaped he found the Time Machine and goes as soon as possible. Further in the time there he saw huge Butterflies and Crabs. The animals also attacked him and then he thought I’m going back in time. When he was back in his own time the rest of his friends don’t believe him when he said that he had travelled into the time. But he had some flowers in his pocket as evidence. The Medical Men ask him of he can explore the flowers but the Time Traveller said none. Three years later The Time Traveller never came back of his second trip.
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