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The story is about two best friends, Jo and Ruth. Jo is working at the travel agency Quest Tours of the family and they’re going to Paris to visit a friend. But at the airport, Jo’s mother tells them that they’re going to Amsterdam, because the one who would go was ill so they have to guide an American family, to a couple of galleries. They are searching for beautiful antiques. When they arrive at Schiphol, their luggage is missing, but they don’t have time to search for it, because they have to meet the American family in the hotel. They go to see where the gallery’ s are where they have to show around the rich people. When everyone is arrived.They explain why the usual guide isn’t there and introduce themselves and go to the first gallery.

When Jo and Ruth have left the first gallery because the family see nothing to buy, the rich American family Lawrence wants to walk to the second gallery. So they walk, but then it starts to rain and they have to shelter. They shelter in a doorway of a shop, and suddenly, a man bumped into Mr Lawrence, then apologised and moved on. Jo recognised the man, because she had seen him from the first gallery giving something to another man. Mr Lawrence was looking in his chest for his wallet, but the man who had bumped into him, had stolen his wallet. It was a pickpocker! Jo understood what the two man had given to each other. They gave each other the stolen wallets, so if the police would catch the one who had stolen it, he wouldn’t have it any more. At the same time Mr Lawrence tried to catch his pickpocker, Jo told someone in a shop to call the police and Edward the son in the family tried to catch the man to which the pickpocker had given the wallet. Edward got the man.

Jo and the rest of the group are going to the next gallery. There were very special and expensive things. Mrs Lawrence bought a expensive Buddha.

Jo want to take a taxi to the hotel were they were staying but the rest want to walk back. They walked back to the hotel and Jo and Edward have the feeling that someone is following them but they didn’t see anyone. In the hotel brings Mr Lawrence the Buddha to a safe.

Jo and Ruth are trying to find a hotel for themselves and trying to locate there bags. They find a place to sleep but still they don’t have there bags. Jo and Ruth think that the pickpocker also wants to have the Buddha.

Back in the hotel where they are staying a man comes en asked about the Buddha. Karel says he is a monk and he had followed them because he wants the Buddha. The Buddha belongs to a cloister in Germany but he was gone there now he wants to buy the Buddha back. Mrs. Lawrence doesn’t want to give the Buddha back because she likes it very much. Mr lawrence believed Karel but Jo and Ruth didn’t. Jo calls Bill, he’s a man thats works together with her mom. She wants Bill to check the Buddha and the story of Karel. Bill said that the story is true. It seems that the cloister in Germany really excist. In the morning at the hotel there is another man called Julio. He is there instead of Karel. He says he’s a good friend of Karel and is there to pick up the Buddha. Julio is a thief, he is always looking for people who will buy something small and expensive. He goes to a person and tells a sad story and wants that person to be sorry for him and give or lent him there stuff. He will sell it to his connections and it wil disappear out of the country. The people will never see there stuff again and Julio has some money. He also wants to do that with the expensive Buddha. That’s why he had followed the family Lawrence. The family Lawrence doesn’t trust him at all and wouldn’t give the Buddha to Julio. They decided to follow him but they lose him and the girls find him back sitting in a cafe talking to a woman. He stands up and walked away. When he saw Edward, he began to ran. Edward runs after him. Jo and Ruth talk to the woman who was told exact the same story. They decided to call the police and run back to the hotel, because they expect Karel to come back. When they arrive Karel is there already and he seems drunk. Julio has drugged Karel. Karel was telling the truth and Julio get arrested. Mr Lawrence gave Karel the Buddha. The policeman took Karel to the hospital. The police catched Julio and he had to go to prison.

The family Lawrence goes to visit another country, Jo and Ruth can finally go to Paris to visit Philippe.
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