Boekverslag : Graham Greene - The Fallen Idol
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 333 woorden.

The book the fallen idol written by Graham Greene is about Philip. His parents are a few days on holiday and Philip is alone in the house with Mr. Baines and his wife, Mrs Baines. Mrs. Baines is always giving orders to Philip. Mr. Baines tells Philip always stories about his old job, the army, so Philip looks up to Mr. Baines, for Philip is Mr. Baines a hero.

On a day Philip went outside for a walk. But when he walks along a cafe and he looks inside, he saw Mr. Baines inside with a girl. Philip doesn’t know who the girl is, but he thinks that the girl a niece is from Mr. Baines. The girl looks very sad when Mr. Baines tolled her something. After she left, Philip went inside and asked who she is. Philip promised Mr. Baines that he wouldn’t tell anything to Mrs. Baines, but when she asked he maked a slip. But when she asked more, he said nothing.

Then heard Mrs. Baines that her mother very sick was and left for two days. Mr. Baines invided his ‘niece’ Emmy. Philip doesn’t trust her.

When Mrs. Baines came back from her mother, she turned into a fight with Emmy. During the fight, Mrs. Baines fell from the staires. She doesn’t survive the fall...

The police thinks that Mr. Baines murdered Mrs. Baines. Philip tolled only lies to save his ‘hero’ Mr. Baines, but that doesn’t work by the police. Mr. Baines is suspect number 1. Finally Philip tolled the whole true story. And Philip was dissapointed when he heard that the stories from Mr. Baines one whole lie ware.

Mine opinion

The story is hard to read, in the beginning you probably don’t know what the story is about. You must read through it, later you’ll understand where the story is about. Sometimes there are hardly pieces in the story, that’s a disadvantage. When I look back to the story, it’s an all right story.
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