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Why did you choose this book?

I chose this book, because I had to read a book, and I just picked one out of all the books in the school library. First I had a different book, but that was a 4A, so I chose this one. And I read the back of the cover and I thought that it was a good book, because I like mysteries.


There wasn’t anyone that recommended the book to me, nor I read any reviews of whatsoever. The cover didn’t exactly give any hints what the book was about, but the story sounded good. I’ve never read anything from Paul Zindel, but maybe next time I read another one from him, because there was one more, but someone else took that one.

The back of the cover said that Mrs. Hulka was murdered, so I expected the book would be exciting from the beginning, but it wasn’t. It began with the introduction of the two leads. And how they met, I didn’t want to know that! I wanted to know about the murder!!! I also thought that maybe Bobby wasn’t right about Mr. Hulka murdering his own wife, but later on it turned out to be true.


* I thought this book was exciting because Bobby and Laurie kept investigating their neighbour’s apartment, while Mr. and Mrs. Hulka could come home any moment. It was also full of fantasy, because normally things like this wouldn’t happen; maybe a few things would alone, but not all together. There are too many weird things for one story.

The story is understandable, because there aren’t too many difficult words in it and it has a good construction, so that people who aren’t English/American can understand it.



I didn’t recognize the subject, it’s not like I know anyone that killed his own wifeJ or someone who is an undertaker. Next time I could chose another book with the same subject or from the same genre, because I liked this one.


I think there were enough events to make the story exciting, but it wouldn’t hurt anyone if Zindel would have left a few out. There were a lot of events that were a lot like each other, but just a little different. Like this one: «Get a load of this, Bobby whispered.

Lauri put her left eye to the edge of the big plastic rectangle. At first all she noticed was the empty terrace of the apartment, apartment 24G. Then she realized if she squeezed her head real hard and bent slightly she could see a good portion of the 24G living room. And there she managed to focus on a full-grown man who was busy at work…» (Page29-30)

And this one, let’s compareJ

«He found himself tiptoeing to the partition, and then, before he could help himself, he was peeking around and into the Hulka’s living room. He could see the hammock in the one corner, silent and still. He moved his head farther out and could catch a glimpse of the sofa and elephant and tables…» (Page71)

In both parts they are peeking in the apartment of the Hulka’s and can view a part of the living room. Only in the first part it’s about Bobby and Laurie and in the second one it’s only about Bobby. But it still comes down to the same thing.

I don’t think the events are very plausible, because I never heard of an undertaker who’s killed his own wife. That could’ve happened, but I don’t think that it would be two teenagers who’d find out!


I don’t think that the lead is very realistic, but then again it is a novel. I think the leads are both Bobby and Laurie and I think that Laurie is the most unrealistic person of the two of them; she’s a little crazy. I don’t recognize any of my characteristics of Laurie, nor Bobby, I’m totally different. I also didn’t recognize any of my friends in them.


I read the story easily, because it wasn’t difficult constructed. And there also weren’t any flashbacks, so that made it a lot easier.

There were several parts that I didn’t like, because they were too boring or just not interesting. There were also a few parts that weren’t really important for the story; they were just there to fill. Like the next fragment: Bobby had a theory that the main crook was a kid by the name of Rucci who was about eighteen and worked in the garage. Rucci’s job was to sit in this little booth just inside, left of the garage doors, and he would press buttons that would make the garage doors open or close. Rucci could see cars leaving. Rucci was also supposed to change bulbs but he never did. There were always light bulbs missing here or there and the whole garage was a very scary-looking place. It looked more suitable for growing mushrooms than parking Cadillac’s and Continentals. Bobby also figured Rucci was the real one behind all the breaking and entering because he could really tell who was on vacation, and who was out and who was in, and all the other things you needed to know in order to rip off televisions and stereos or even jewellery and furs.

Rucci had such a twisted little sneaky face…(page22-23)

This has absolutely nothing to do with the story, it’s just what Bobby thinks about someone and I’m really not interested in that.


I didn’t have any problems with the language usage, of course there were some words of which I didn’t know what they meant, but it wasn’t like I needed my dictionary next to it.

There were a few things that were very vague in my opinion, things I couldn’t imagine what they looked like. But most things I knew what they meant and I could imagine it; see it happen in front of me.
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