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De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 783 woorden.

No. Of Pages: 760

In my opinion, the book was: not difficult
Did I enjoy reading the book? very much

Where does the story take place? How do you know?
The story takes place in the city of Derry, Maine in the United States of America.

When does the story take place? How do you know?
The story takes place in the late 80’s or the early 90’s. It isn’t indicated exactly but it fits the scenary and life style of the people.

Who is the most important person in the book? Why?
The main character in the story is Ralph. A 70 year old man who has just lost his wife. Ralph has been suffering from a severe lack of sleep. later in the story, Ralph begins to see auras and believes he is going mad.
Ralph starts to understand that his insomnia has a reason and he learns that his neighbor and lady-friend Lois also suffers from insomnia.

The main idea of the book:
The book doesn’t really have a main idea. It’s basically the begining of an apocalyptic war between Good & Evil.

Would you recomend that other students read this book?
Yes, the book is very good and I would indeed recomend other students to read it. It is written with a lot of humor and the plot advances pretty quickly. The characters and scenary are well built and when you read the book you can actually visualuze the places and connect to the people.

9.5 on the Yair Wittmann Scale!!!

From the newspaper:
A review of Stephen King’s “Insomnia”

Stephen King is truly a master in making our inner most fears come to life. In “Insomnia” however, he takes the readers even deeper into the darkness of their own thoughts.
“Insomnia” is the story of Ralph who hasn’t been sleeping well since his wife died. What is usually a pretty common phenomenon when you reach Ralph’s age, isn’t so at all in Ralph’s case. Ralph’s insomnia is only the beginning of the apocalyptic war between Good & Evil that is about to take place in the city of Derry, Maine. A war in which Ralph is a key player, and his neighbor, the now demented Ed Deepneau, is fighting for the other side.
Will Ralph ever get some sleep? Read “Insomnia” and find out...

“Three bold doctors, they are all short and one of them is evil. Need I say more?”
(Gidi Orsher, Pnai Plus)

“Better than ‘All My Sons’ I was amazed by SK’s writing!!!”
(Arthur Miller)

“A fine book indeed, too bad there isn’t pointing in English”
(David Levi, Minister Of Foreign Affairs Israel)

An Interview with Ed Deepneau

Reporter: Hello Ed & welcome to hell. I’d like to interview you for “Hell Magazine”. Could you spare me a moment of your time?
Ed: Sure, after all, if I don’t tell the tale, how will people know what really happened? And who will the little kids look up to?
Reporter: (With a slight disrespectful tone of voice) Yeah, right. Any way, in his book “Insomnia”, Stephen King describes you as a suicidal maniac with no inhibitions. Do you agree with Mr. King’s opinions?
Ed: Now that you’ve mentioned it, I don’t agree with that sleazy low life “author wannabe” at all.
Reporter: Interesting, how come?
Ed: Well, 1st of all, I’m not suicidal at all. It was my complete and pure madness that drove me to crashing a plane loaded with explosives into a building.
Reporter: (Writing in his note-pad) “complete and pure madness”. Yes, Ed, go on.
Ed: 2nd, I do have inhibitions. You know I wasn’t always totally insane. I used to be a loving spouse & father and a devoted worker. It’s just that since the demons have started to whisper into my ears at night, I’m a little crazy.
Reporter: Yes, I see. Well, what do you think of Ralph? Do you believe that Stephen King describes him in a more accurate way?
Ed: Oh yes, Mr. King (cynical voice) does, in fact, have a tendency to make saints out of his heroes and evil beings out of his villains. No wonder Ralph is portrayed as such a nice guy while I’m portrayed as a real creep.
Reporter: Well, what do you think of Ralph? after all, you were his neighbor and friend for a few years.
Ed: Some things are better left unsaid. My feelings for Ralph are one of those things. However, Ralph knows exactly how I feel about him, that no good traitor, back stabber, thief #$%^. Now excuse me, I have an appointment in Satan’s office. I’m nominated as “Best Villain Of The Year” in the MTV Movie Awards.
Reporter: I understand. Good bye and good luck at the awards.
Ed: Good bye, thank you.
Reporter: Thank you for your time.
Ed: It was my pleasure.

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