Boekverslag : Mark Twain - The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1543 woorden.

1. It was publicised for the first time in 1884. The title is: The adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The book follows the main character Huckleberry Finn along his adventures on the Mississippi. Because thy follow Huckleberry’s adventures, the book is called the adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

2. The part I liked the most, was the part where he shows his independence by running away from his father. Because when he shows his independence the real adventure starts. Because the people think he’s dead, they don’t follow him and Huckleberry Finn can go his own way. He finds another runaway and like I told before the real adventure starts.

3. I didn’t like the part about the King and the Duke. Huckleberry and Jim do everything for the frauds they are. I didn’t like it because Huckleberry knew they were frauds but still did anything for them. I think this is stupid, because Huckleberry is not that stupid.

4. I would like to be Huckleberry, because he’s very adventurous. Which I think is very nice for someone that young. Also he helps friends in need, which I think is a very good habit.

And he seems very nice to have as a friend.

5. One person who I hate or at least is irritating me is Tom Sawyer. Although this book is full of adventures. He makes an adventure of everything and does it always the hard way. And thereby taking risks he shouldn’t have. And when he does something he wants to do it his way, which I know out of my own experience is very annoying when you try to tell him, that he could do it another way which is easier.

6. The story is set around the end of the nineteenth century. It does matter when it took place, because in the story the coloured people where hunted up and held as slaves. It wouldn’t be realistic if it took place just a few years ago, because the slavery is over.

7. I wasn’t satisfied with the ending of the book, because Huckleberry wanted independence in the beginning of the book. But although Huckleberry has went trough a lot of adventures, he in the same position at the end of the book as in the beginning of the book.

8. Huckleberry Finn: At the beginning he’s a bit of a dreamer and goes trough not really real adventures, but later after he runs away from his father he goes trough real adventures. At the end of the book he has learned very much about the world. I think he has changed from a little boy to an almost grown man, if you look at the adventures he went trough.

Jim: He changed from a slave in the beginning to a free man at the end, but his personality stayed the same.

Tom Sawyer: In the beginning he wanted that everything went his way and everything had to be an adventure. At the end of the book he saw that things could also go in another way and not everything had to be an adventure.

I think he went trough an important change, because things are a lot easier if someone is willing to listen to you.

9. It’s an adventure story, because as you can also read in the title the book is about the adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

10. There are for me 2 turning points actually.

The first one is when he runs away from his father and his real adventures start. The second one is when his adventures end, because Aunt Sally has adopted Huckleberry.

11. I think that about a year has passed, because you don’t know for sure. But there are temperature changes in the book. Which I think can be seen as different seasons. So I think that about a year has passed.

12. I think the writer wanted to make something clear to us. I think he wanted to show us, how it can be in the world. Free as a bird or tight up as a slave. How people can be the victim of clever people and people who lie and cheat.

13. Huckleberry Finn tells the story. You know the story because he tells it to you. It’s a bit of an autobiography, because he tells the story after it has happened.

14. The story is set on and around the Mississippi. I think this is important, because it’s a very large river full of adventures, which are very important for this book. If it was told by another big river like the amazon, you would have a very different setting, which wouldn’t be right.

15. I wouldn’t recommend this book, because I think it was boring. If I didn’t have to read it, I would’ve stopped after a few chapters. I am thinking about the book like this because the “old” language didn’t interested me, actually it only bothered me. And I’m not interested in books, which happened too many years ago. But if you do like this, it would be a good book for you. If you share my opinion I would recommend Harry Potter to you.

16. I would give it a 5.5. Because it didn’t interested me, I didn’t like it much. But on the other hand it’s a world famous book which has sold millions and if not billions of copies world-wide. But it’s just not a book for me.

17. Huckleberry Finn is the teller of the story, he’s a boy who lives with his aunt. She tries to raise Huckleberry is a civilised way. He learns to read and write and isn’t allowed to smoke and swear.

Huckleberry and his friend find a box of gold, which is worth 6000 dollars. The judge puts the money on a bank for them. The get a dollar a day of it. When he has lived for 3 months with his aunt, his father kidnaps him. The father is drunk all the time and never has loved Huckleberry. He wants the money Huckleberry and Tom found, but when Huckleberry can’t give it to him. Huckleberry is locked in a cabin. But he’s able to escape and makes the impression that he’s dead by leaving bloodstains, this way no one will follow him. He’s doesn’t go back to the civilised world and hides on Jackson’s Island in the Mississippi.

When he’s on the island he meets the slave Jim. Who ran away because he was sold and had to work at a plantation. A few days later Huckleberry goes back to the mainland disguised as a girl. He finds out that the people think Jim murdered Huckleberry and that his father has disappeared.

Huckleberry and Jim make a homemade raft to sail down the Mississippi, because they think the people will come search for them on the island. They want to go to Kentucky, where Jim can be free because slavery is abolished there. But on their way they hit a steamboat and their raft is cut in two.

After their raft is demolished, Huckleberry and Jim lose each other. Huckleberry lives for a while with the Grangeford family. At first they seem friendly and civilised, but they have violent and bloody fight with the Shepherdsons family. He’s able to escape before he’s killed in the fight between the two families. Again Huckleberry finds out that although people who work hard can be liars, robbers and murderers. At this time Huckleberry likes Jim a lot, because he’s faithful, caring and honest. Huckleberry’s prejudice against coloured people disappears.

Huckleberry and Jim meet again and continue their travels on the raft, which is rebuild by Jim.

They meet two frauds; they tell them they are a duke and a king. They travel together and the frauds make money by giving speeches pretending to be famous doctors. They also try to steal the inheritance of Peter Wilks. They tell the daughters of Peter, that they are brothers of Peter. They sell the slaves and try to sell the house. The real brothers turn up, just as Huckleberry and Jim want to reveal the real identity of the frauds. They are glad to be rid of them, but the duke and the king escape and join Huckleberry and Jim again. They betray Jim by selling him to Tom sawyer’s aunt. Huckleberry wants to rescue Jim. He goes the aunt and pretends to be Tom. When Tom also arrives he pretends to be his brother Sid. They make a plan to rescue Sid, but tom wants it to be a perfect plan. Which is described in books, with the most ridiculous schemes. The preparations take three weeks, but when the plan is put in action everything goes wrong. Tom is shot in the leg and Jim is recaptured. Then Tom tells everyone about Miss Watson’s will. She set Jim free, because she felt sorry for him. Therefore Jim has been a free man for two months. Tom says that he tried to rescue Jim, because he liked the adventure.

Jim becomes a free man. And not long after that, Tom’s aunt from St. Petersburg arrives. She reveals the true identities of Huckleberry and Jim. Huckleberry hears that his Aunt Sally wants to adopt him. But Huckleberry doesn’t want to become civilised and decides to travel again.
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