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1 Title: The time machine

Author: H.G. Wells

First published in: 1895

2 a Herbert George Wells was born at 21th of September in the year 1866 in Bromley, Kent. He had a poor youth and when he was seven years old, he broke his leg and he had to read books because he was ‘crippled’. These books influenced him in his writing. He wrote many famous books like ‘The Time Machine’, The War of the Worlds’’s and ‘The invisible man’.

2 b He usually works out war books and sience-fiction books.

2 c Yes, because he makes a lot of science-fiction books.

3a Sience-fiction novel

3b Because he travels wich a time machine.

4 First person

5 a The story takes place in 2 different years. At the beginning and at the end of the book it is the year 1895. In 1895 the Time Machine brings the Time Traveller to the year 802.701.

5 b Yes very important because he travels from 1895 to 802.701. and that’s a hole different world.

6 a Yes they want to show how the futur looks.

6 b A Time Traveller moves in to the futur wich a “time machine”

7 a The main event is when the Time Traveller goes to the futur.

7 b The want to now what happend there so the Time Traveller tells them.

8 a Flat, only the Time Traveller himself is round.

8 b The Time Traveller tells everything, and the other caracters only lissen.

9 The story begins in 1895, there is one great flashback that continues in the hole novel. The story ends also in 1895.

10 Realistic

11 a My personal opinion about the book is: I liked the book, It is a nice book. At the beginning it is not easy to read, but when the Time Traveller starts to travel the story I could understand everything. Now we got a very different way of thinking about the future than a hunderd year ago. The future is very different then ather people think, according to the writer. I liked that.

11 b No not really because it’s a fiction story.
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