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Book Report:

1 The title of the book is: The Time Machine

2 The author is: H.G. Wells

3 The year of first publication is: 1895

4 The genre of the book is: Science-fiction novel

5 Setting: - The story has its setting in England near the estuary of the Thames.

-The story takes place in 2 different years. At the beginning and at the end of the book it is the year 1895. In 1895 the Time Machine brings the Time Traveller to the year 802.701.

6 The main characters are: The Time Traveller: A person who travels through the time. He is a scientist. I think

he is 30/40 years old. He has got a good relation ship with Weena, after he saved her from drowning in the river.

Weena: A girl who lives in the year 802.701. She is really kind to the Time Traveller.

She got a got relationship with him, after he saved her from drowning.

7 The theme of the book is: futur

8 Explanation of the titel: This is the opject where the Time Traveller moved into the future

9 Outline:

10 Biography:

11 My personal opinion about the book is: I liked the book, It is a nice book. At the beginning it is not easy to read, but when the Time Traveller starts to travel the story I could understand everything. Now we got a very different way of thinking about the future than a hunderd year ago. The future is very different then ather people think, according to the writer. I liked that.

I have chosen for the book, because in one of the lessons English we talked about the writer H.G. Wells. We heard a part of War of the World. When I heard that many people thought that the story was real I thought: That is a good writer. So from than I wanted to read a book of him.

Outline: The story starts in the house of the Time Traveller. He explained to a group a people that it's possible to travel through the time. He got a theorie about Time as the fourth dimension. The other demensions are: length, breadth and thickness. Nobody believed the stories of the Time Traveller. So he showed them a small model of the time machine. This model disappeared in the future or in the past.

Next morning everybody went back in the house of the Time Traveller. Everybody was there, except The Time Traveller himself. After a while he came in. He didn't look very well: His coat was dirty, his hair disordered and his chin had a brown cut on it. He went upstairs to was and dress himself. When he came back, he ate and started with telling his story:

He said he had travelled through the time. At first it was an unpleasant feeling. The time started moving really fast. The machine stopped in a garden in the year 802.701 He meets some small creatures. The react very strange and the give him flowers. The small creatures are from the Eloi- rase. They took The Time Traveller to a nice building. The strange creatures speak a strange language and they only eat fruits. The Eloi tryed to learn the Time Traveller some words of their language, but after a while they were not interested anymore.

In the evening he discovers that the time machine has disappeared. He looked every were, but he couldn't find it. He turns into panic. He knew that the time machine was some where around and that it was not somewhere else in the time, because he had the key from it. He thought the machine was in the Sphinx.

At night he woke up and he saw a white ape- like creature running away. The next day he noticed many wells. There was no water in it, but an air current. Now he realises there are two kinds of creatures: The Eloi and the white ape- like creatures: the Morlocks.

One day the Eloi's were swimming and The Time Traveller was watching them. One of them almost drowned and The Time Traveller saved her. Her name was Weena. They become friends.

Next day he went to a ruin. It was very dark there. He saw two eyes. Then he saw a white creature running away from him. He found out the Eloi only like day light, they are affraid of the dark. The Morlocks are affraid for daylight, they only live in the dark. The Eloi is afraid for the Morlocks.

The Time Traveller knew that the Morlocks have his time machine. To get it back the Time Traveller had to go underground. He climbs down one of the wells. Weena trays to stop him him. In the well he took a break. When he woke up he felled a couple of hands. He strikes a matche and he saw 3 creatures running away . He also saw a very big machine. Then the Morlocks came back but The Time Traveller could escape.

The The Traveller noticed the Palice of Green Porcelain. He took Weena with his on his way to the palace. After two days they arrived at the palace, that turns out to be a museum. He breaks off a lever from a machine, he can use that to open the doors of the Sphinx. At the museum he found a box of matches, some comphor and fake dynemite.

The Time Traveller and Weena went back, but it became dark, so they decide to build a fire in the wood. The Morlocks had already attacked. At the fire the Time Traveller falls asleep. When he woke up, the Morlocks attacked him again. Weena was dissapeared. After a fight, the Morlocks rune away. The fire became very big. There was a woodfire. He looked for Weena, but he couldn't find her.

Next day he walked to the Sphinks. The doors where open and there he saw his Time Machine. He walked inside, but then the doors closed. The Morlocks came and tryed to catch him. The Time Traveller fixes the lever into the machine, and sets off in time.

The time machine stopped further in the future. He saw huge butterflies and mosters crabs. The crabs wanted to attack the Time Traveller so he went further in the future. Then he decided to returne back in the time.

After he told his story his guest did not believed his stoty. The Time Traveller showed them two flowers, he got from Weena. Next day the Time Traveller travelled away again with his time machine. After 3 years he still has not returned.
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