Boekverslag : Norman Silver - No Tigers In Africa
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1167 woorden.

1. Find the most important scene. Explain why it is so important (e.g. by

telling about the consequences.)

(page 61)

I think this is the most important scene because from this scene on things are getting better for Selwyn, the main character. After his attempt at suicide the doctors sent him to an adolescent unit. Finally he has the courage to talk about his problems, and share his feelings with other children who are in the same situation as he is. And he meets a girl who's going to be important for the rest of the story. And without this scene he wouldn't met her, and his parents wouldn't give him more attention. But after a while when he left the adolescent unit he founds out that his home situation is still the same as before. He makes new friends at the adolescent unit, which is easier for him because they understand him.

2. Suppose you were asked to write one more page that would be the last page. Use 250-350 words to explain what would happen or use the style of the writer/story to do this.

Writer's style:

I decided not to stay at the Villa. I wanted to go home, to my family. I wanted to make it up with my old man, and to help him with his alcoholic problem. And my ma, I'd try to explain it again to her until she understood it's was the only way to save her marriage. She had to break it up with that black man. And I missed the cardgames I used to play with Stelly. So I told Rosalie I had to go back. And she understood me. So I went home that afternoon. I was a bit scared, how would they react? When I walked in the living room there was only Stelly. She said hello to me and asked me to play with her, and I did. I think she didn't missed me at all. After an hour my old man came home. I was surprised, he worked again, and his breath didn't smell like alcohol when he hugged me. So he still loved me. He was so glad to see me again. He threw a candybar to me and Stelly and took one for himself. He lay down on the sofa and watched the television like he always did when he came home from work. I was glad that he was himself again. I left the room to look for ma. I found her in the garden, she was reading a book in the sun. I never saw her reading since we moved. So it was a good sign. I watched her 'til she noticed me. She was so happy to see me. She hugged and kissed me. I established that she had broken up with that black guy. But I hadn't the courage to ask her. That evening she made my favorite stack. Sprouts! When we were thanking God for the meal and that I came home, I found out it was time that caused the problems. And I prayed that things would be better from that moment on...

3. Think of a particular scene in the book. Two different characters in the book write a letter, of 100-150 words each, to each other which is related to the scene. You will write the two letters for them.

(page 76/77)

Selwyn to Bala (a boy he met in the adolescent unit) when he's released. They keep writing:

Hey Bala!

How's life? I'm fine. I wish I were still in the adolescent unit. I thought things would getting better, no way man! My old man is still drinking, and my mum

is still cheating on him. So, how's life at the Villa? Are you still making music?

What about the other guys? Is Kevin still dating Jane? They were very nice to me the last day I was in the adolescent unit. Kevin is really changed since he's dating Jane. It surprised me what love can do. Yesterday I went to Rosalie and her dad. She's fine. We talked about what we want with our lives. Nothing special. So, you don't have to worry, I'm fine. Say hi to the other guys.

I hope to see you soon. Maybe next month. I'll call you.


Your friend, Selwyn.

Bala writes a letter to Selwyn. He's still in the adolescent unit.

Hi Selwyn!

How are you? I'm fine, and the other guys too. Thanks for your letter! By the way, Jane broked up with Kevin. She's now dating Bradley. But Kevin don't mind. So, your problems are still unsolved huh? I'm sorry. You asked me if I were still making music. Yes, I wrote a song about my life in this terrible unit.

But I've seen worst! If they release me I really don't know where to go.

Hey friend. It's bedtime! I'm really tired now. So, I hope you'll come to visit me next month. I'm really looking forward to it!

Talk to you next month!(?)


Greetz from your friend, Bala!

4.Describe the main character's situation at the beginning of the story;

describe and explain the end of the book.

The situation of the main character at the beginning of the book: Selwyn and his family are ready to emigrate to England. Selwyn feels terrible. He says goodbye to his friends and they're gone. In England he can't get use to the climate, people and his new classmates. Because they don't understand him. He tries to escape from his guilty past.

Description and explaining of the end of the book: At the end of the book he runs away from home. He decides to move in at Rosalie's house for a while. But after a week he don't know if he will ever go back home. The book ends when Selwyn and Rosalie watch the sun coming up and Selwyn don't want to look forward because he finally can enjoy life again and he wants to keep that feeling.

5. What messages are there in the book? In other words, what can

people learn from the book?


1. When you move or emigrate to a place you don't know, it takes time before you get use to it. After a while you'll automatic like that place. You only have to wait, and try to love your new home, and the people, try to contact them.

2. When things don't work out, and people don't understand you, suicide is not the solution. First you have to try to talk about your problems and to share your feelings with other people. If you don't, people will never understand you, no one can help you and nobody will ever try to be your friend.
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