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On The Beach


Nevil Shute

Describe the appearance and the characters of two important persons in the book.

Dwight Towers, the captain of a nuclear powered submarine, called the Scorpion. He is very loyal to his wife and to the navy. He doesn't do things the Navy wouldn't permit, even during the last days he lives by the rules. He knows that his wife and children are dead, but he acts like they are still alive, for instance he buys presents for them.

Peter Holmes is an officer of the Scorpion, he is a nice guy, whom wants the best for everyone. For instance, when he went on a mission with the scorpion, he told Mary, his wife, what to do if he won't come back.

Describe the most important problem that the main character has to deal with. is the problem solved in the story? Describe how you would have solved the problem, if you had been the main character.

An atomic war has taken place since two years, in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Australia is the only place on earth where people are still alive. The Submarine is send out to see if anyone is still alive somewhere else in the world. But there is no one left alive anywhere and the radiation levels are very high. The submarine returns to Australia. Now they really know they will die, the lasts weeks of their lives the peoples decide to have a lot of fun. When I was the main character of this book, I would do the same, first looking or there are other people and seeing what you can do. When that is impossible and you know you will die, I will make a lot of fun and do things I normally never will do.

Write an inspiring review of the book, which gives people a good idea what the book is about and which will certainly entice them to read it.

I think it's a good book, which is easy to read. It's also very interesting to read what people will do, when they know the world becomes to destroy and all people will die, including themselves. Except that the book is a bit longwinded, it's a very good story.
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