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Love story


Erich Segal




The book is called love story, because the book is about a boy and a girl who fall in love and who get married.


The story takes places in the sixties. The main characters are students and a part of the story takes place in a library and at Harvard.



Main characters

Oliver Barret 4:He is a law student. He falls in love with Jennifer and they went out. After a while there are getting married. He is a nice young guy, who doesn’t understands his rich parents.

Jennifer Cavilleri: she is a poor music student. Her father is Italian, and her mother is dead. At the end of the story she dies.

Minor characters

Oliver barrett 3: oliver’s dad(is also called Old stoneface) Alison Forbes ‘tipsy’ Barret:Oliver’s mother. Phil Cavilerri: Jenny’s father Ray Stratton: Oliver’s roommate and friend.

Plot outline

Oliver wants to borrow a book in the library where Jenny works. They have coffe together and they talk about their studies. Oliver invites Jennifer to an ice-hockey game and after the match it turns out they love eachother. They start dating. Usually, Oliver makes love to a girl real soon after they have met. But not with Jenny. When they know eachother a while Oliver asks her why they haven’t been making love together. Then they go to male love with eachother. After a few months Jenny wants to meet Olivers parents. They go to his parents but Oliver gets a fight with his father. He has never understood his father. He always called him Old Stone face. Jenny thinks Oliver should make it up with his father. But Oliver doesn’t wants to. Some day Olivers hears Jenny talking on the phone to some guy, called Phil. She says she loves him, and Oliver thinks she is cheating on him. But it turns out to be her dad, which she has a very close relationship with. Jenny gets a chance to study music in Paris, but Olliver doesn’t want her to go. That is why he asks her to marry him, and she says yes. When Olliver Barret 3 hears Jenny and Olliver are getting married he tells Olliver he should finish his law school first or he will no longer support Olliver financially. So Olliver applies for a scholarship. Olliver and Jenny are getting married. The first 3 years of their marriage they are very poor. They both work very hard, and they have just a cheap and little apartment. They don’t go out just to safe money. When it is Old stonies 60th birthday they get an invitation. But Olliver doesn’t wants to go. He says Jenny has to call them to say that they won’t come. Jenny says to Old Stoneface that Olliver doesn’t want to come. And that he loves him very much, which makes Olliver very angry. They get a fight and Jenny goes away. Oliver starts looking for her everywhere but he can’t find her. When he gets home she is waiting on the steps for him. He wants to apologize, but she says: ‘Love means not ever having to say that you’re sorry.’ When Olliver graduates from Law school he gets a very good job in New York. They move to a luxerious appartement near Olliver’s office. They both want a baby very much, but Jenny doesn’t get pregnant, so they go to see a doctor. It turns out that Jenny is very ill. She doesn’t know it yet, but Olliver should tell her. But he is too scared to tell her. Jenny finds out her own. She wants to live their life as normal as possible. One day she feels so sick that she asks Oliver to take her to hospital. And she dies there. When Olliver is there in the hospital, Old Stoneface suddenly shows up. He has heard about Jenny and he is very sorry. They make it up. And everything is better the ever between them.
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