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De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1471 woorden.

Main characters

The Killing Fields

Sydney Schanberg: Is a American reporter, who works for the N.Y Times. He is married with childeren, wich are two daughters and he is about 40 years old.

Dith Pran: Is a Cambodian reporter, who is working for and with Schanberg to cover the story’s about the war .He is married with childeren (4 or 5). He is ± 35 years old.

Al(an D. ) Rockoff: Is a reporter, who is good friends with Schanberg and Pran. He is a Frenchman, he is also about 40 years old and I believe he ‘s single. He is also a bit cynic/negatief.( but who wouden’t if there is a war going on)

Small summary:

Sydney Schanberg and Dith Pran. One was a seasoned American reporter who made his living covering other ‘nations’ nightmares. The other was acourageous Cambodian who tried t oconvey his people’s agony in the language of the daily headlines.

As journalists covering America’s secret war in Southeast Asia, they were partners. As two men sharing common danger, they werefriends. But when Cambodia fell to the fanantical Khmer Rouge, Schanberg as able to escape while Dith Pran was trapped in a nation that had turned out into a slaughterhouse.

It would take all Schanberg’s efforts to bring Dith Pran’s story - and Cambodia’s -to the world. It would take all Dith Pran’s valor and endurance to escape to tell it.

Contens of the book

Part one

Cambodia, Summer 1973

page 11t\m41

Schanberg arrives in Cambodia at the airport and doesn’t get pickt up. He go’s to the hotel in the city Phnom Penh. Where he meets Rockoff.

A B.52(airplane) pilot has made a mistake and dropt his whole cargo on the wrong city.

Pran makes al kind of deals so the can go an see and report the damage done.

At that moment Cambodian army people have captures members of the Khmer Rouge and driving them into the city. The Cambodian army is going to excuted these man and Schanberg is taking photo’s. One of the officer see it and the get arrested, the get free by just walking out when the American army and more reporters come to see the site.

And the leave the same way the came by boot and the other people by choppers/ helicopter. The Khmer Rouge is pulling up(wards).

Part two

Cambodia, Spring 1975

page 43t\m209

It is New Year’s Eve(’74 - ’75) in Phnom Penh. Everybody is partying. Nobody in high-rank is thinking about the war and are just partying. The way these people think is absolutly nuts. You can read in one of my passages that, the high-ranks don’t care about the habitants of Cambodia, the care only about them self, the deal in wapons drugs and at one point a General says that his wife is terribly worried about the garden, because if the have to leave in short notice what will the Khmer Rouge do to there garden.

Phnom Penh is under attack/siege by the Khmer Rouge/comminst, heavy attack/fire on the north,east and west of the city.The begining of the end of the war has began.

Motier fire the invasion of the city is going on every where are laying dead body and people are getting shot. The city has been taking by the Khmer Rouge and there holding a propaganda parade to celebrate there victory( the people on the truck are fake not real warriors).

Every American is being evacuated by choppers, also Pran’s family after trouble, the are also taking the airbrigde with them, so a lot of people are going to starve.

A day later Schanberg, Rockoff and the other reporters are sieged/arrested by the Khmer Rouge. The should have been excuted if Pran didn’t plead for there life’s, by telling the Khmer there were all French reporters and where here to write about the victory of the Khmer Rouge. After a lot of trouble he gets them free.

The are now going to the French embassy, because the heard it was the best place to go according to the Britisch embassy. The city of Phnom Penh is being evacuated, about ±2.000.000 people are being forced out of the city, because Khmer is afraid of American bombardments, most people are going to the countryside political people flew to Thailand or to the embassy.

For a time everbody is save, but the Khmer Rouge demants that all Cambodian people in the embassy most be expeld, because the want the hava political people.

So everybody with out a valid passport is getting kick out, and when Pran is ready to leave, but Swain also a reporter has two passport and the remove hist first and last name and the have left over the name Ancketill Brewer. Now the only nead is a photo of Pran, but nobody has film finally the find film and after a couple of photo develoments the finally got a good picture. The plan is working until someone give’s the passport the photo has turned black. Pran is being evicted he get some food and 2.600,-dollars for a bride and he leaves the embassy and Schanberg gets back to America New York, Because the Khmer Rouge also evicted everybody except Cambodians.

Part three

Cambodia and the United States Winter 1975 - Autum 1979

page 211t\m287

The place is Dam Dek, east os Siem Reap, in what is now and forever know as Democratic Kampuchea. The timeis the beginning of time. Year Zero of the Khmer Rouge Revolution. (page 213)

Pran has been captured and has to work in a soil-pit and dig out earth.

The Angka is the new party, sinds the revolution and everbody who speaks up to them is being excuted/murderd. The are counting the year Zero because the are starting all over again and are learning the childeren what the need to know according to Angka, even if it is not true.

The are butchering the people down and killing them who are not working hard enough.

The have little food to eat but, how more prisoners die, the get some more food. Pran doesn’t understand where al the food is going the are producing, but he’s to afraide to ask because if you show any sing of intelligence the will come down over you. Because

only political involded people are smart and speak more than one language and these people are enemy’s of the state and the will be killed. In part two Pran was rubbing his hands with dirt to make them rough, because he heard that the Khmer will kill every person who has soft had because he has been living large, by sucking out his own people, according to the Angka.

Pran escapes because a explosion distected the guards. Now he was walking all day long when he felt in to a hole and there where corpses every where he was in the Killing Field, he saw people leiing there that he had been seen killed by the Khmer/Angka.

He feld asleep and had been waked up by a other party of the Angka, but the were more friendly. Pran give’s him self away after listing to a BBC broadcast on the radio, the don’t kill him because the leader has lost his faith in the Angka and later on the Angka will punish him for that (he has not killed enough according to the Angka).

After a asualt from jet fighter on the camp Pran escape’s with the son of the camp leader because he promised this to the man and some other people.

The are moving trough the jungle to Thailand when a person steps on a landmine everybody is killed except Pran he is now running to the border.

In the mean while Schanberg has bin writing letter with a photo of Pran asking if somebody saw him. He also win’s the price ‘journalist of the year’ he dedicate’s this price to Dith Pran, who according to Schanberg was reasponsable for more than the halve of the work he made. Rockoff says to Schanberg he thinks that he used Pran to get the price, Schanberg gets pissed of shouts all kind of arguments.

Schanberg gets the message that Pran gave to a reporter while he was in the (2e) camp, so Schanberg finds out that Pran is still alive he takes the first plane to Thailand and after a couple searching the refugee camp he finds Pran the are back to gether and than there is a emotional moment and that the. Pran now works for ‘the N.Y Times’ as a photographer.
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