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The Caretaker by Harold Pinter

The Caretaker is a theatreplay, that is played by three persons.

There is Davies, Austen and Mick.

Davies is living with Mick and Austen, he`s a tramp and he needs new shoes.

With that shoes he wants to go to an old man who lives about a ten miles from austen and Micks house.

He wants to go there because Davies is not Davies real name and The old man got his indentification papers.

Austen and Mick both give Davies a propesision but they don`t know it from each other.They want to give him a job as a caretaker.

But after a while(austen is not davies best friend)davies get a fight with austen and davies goes to Mick and says al nasty things about Austen to mick than mick`s going to hate him to.

At the end Davies has to move out of the house.

It`s an open end, because you don`t know how it really ends.

The title means:Davies is going to get a job as a caretaker(huisbewaker)

The story is really complicated because at a thatre play you can see what the characters are doing but here you can`t.

So it`s hard to understand the red line of the story.
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