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Johnny and the dead


Terry Pratchet



Johnny is a strange boy who lives in a boring town. He has a strange gift; he can see the dead. His friends have all kinds of explanations. But they don't know for sure how he can see the dead. One day he was walking through the cemetery with his friend Wobbler. Just for fun Johnny knocked on the door of a tomb. A second later the door of the tomb opened and a ghost came out. Johnny ran for his life. Half way down the street Wobbler caught up with Johnny. Later that day Johnny went back to look if he had really seen a dead person. He had they talked to Johnny and Johnny talked to them. He told them in what time they where living (uuhhh excuse me I meant being dead). Some where very suprised when Johnny told them that women could vote these days. A day later he brought them a newspaper and an old battery radio. When he returned with his friends that day the dead where angry, very angry. They had read that the cemetery where they where lying in/on was going to be build on. Johnny's friends where looking very strange to the flying newspaper in front of Johnny. The dead weren't just going to let this happen. Then they did something they had never don before. They left the cemetery and walked/flow to a celphone near the cemetery. They phoned a radio station and told them what it was to be dead. The DJ was not prepared for this and cut the phonecall of. Johnny who had heard this rushed to the cemetery to look what was going on. The dead where following Johnny's advise to do something. One dead person wasn't too happy about this, it was Mister Grimm. He was very quite and walked away when Johnny came to him, "It is all your fault" was the only thing he said. The dead where going even further away from the cemetery to explore the town they had lived in for so long. When they passed, you could feel a chill. A lot of people where scared because of that. Theatres where running empty because the dead where watching a movie. In the mean time Johnny was researching some thing about the cemetery and the dead that where lying there. The dead where still exploring the town and further. Some time later they went to the U.S. and a lot of other different foreign countries. Johnny and his friends where, in the mean time, at a meeting about the offices that a corporation was planning to build on the cemetery. Johnny and his friends where having quite a discussion about whether to build the offices or not. Johnny had a lot of support from the other people that where at the meeting. The spooks man of the corporation knew nothing more to say and stopped the meeting. The dead where still flying around the world and into space. They where using a radio transmission dish as a launch site for them selves. At the cemetery Johnny and his where walking around when they heard a strange rumbling. Two lights where ignite and a bulldozer was on its way to the cemetery. Johnny and his friends where just in time to stop the man that where driving the bulldozer. After a fight they won. The man ran away. When Johnny and his friends where resting the bulldozer started again but nobody was driving it. But when Johnny looked closer he saw that the dead where driving the dozer. In a small discussion the explained every thing and they where on there way again. Now it was a cemetery without the dead.
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