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The bell jar


The bell jar is the title of a book about a happy girl with a good education. Everybody expects something else of her and after a period of confusion she isolates herself from her surroundings and becomes cut off from society. She looks at society through a jar with bells in it to make it difficult to see her life clearly and easy to make a mess of it.

Esther is a girl who was the best at school and always wanted to be a famous writer. She won a trip to New York so she could get to know the world of famous writers and how everything went at a magazine by writing a short story. When she gets to New York and suddenly gets in toutch with a world very different than she`s used to. She changes from a really nice and gentle person into some-one with a terrible low confidence in herself and in everything around her because of the way everyone treats her and because of the way Doreen, the only friend she had in New York, falls in love with a DJ and doesn`t pay any attention to her anymore. She feels terrible and doesn`t want to go to her work or go to one of the shows or free dinners she`s invited to. One evening her boyfriend calls and they arrange to meet. When she`s with him in his room she finds out that the boy who always treated her like she was everything had slept with someone and she feels like he has been fooling her and doesn`t want to see him ever again. At that point every thing she`s created so carefully collapses; she`s lost the boy she had planned to marry and fails at her job to be a famous writer. When she goes home, after a month, to her mother she can`t do anything she wants to do. She tries to write a book but she can`t get a sensible word on paper, when she even has to quit that she doesn`t do anything anymore except feeling miserable. She can`t sleep, can`t eat and can`t read, so her mother, after giving up finding things to do for Esther, sends her to a Psychiatrist. He sends her to his private hospital where she gets horrible shock treatments. Even worse then she was when she got there, she goes home. Her mother is relieved that her daughter is back and acts like everything is fine, she doesn`t want to see that everything is wrong. And every morning when her mother has gone to her work Ester trys to kill herself. She tries to drown herself, hang herself, electrocute herself but she even fails in that what even makes her more angry. One day she goes to the cellar and swallows all the sleeping pills she saved. The next moment she is in the hospital where doctors are fighting for her life. She stays their for a wile but after breaking a mirror and a tray with thermometers she gets sent home. She doesn`t have contact with anyone and doesn`t do anything until a letter arrives from a rich woman who would like to pay for her to go to a special hospital to recover. There she recovers fast and gets more and more privileges under treatment of doctor Nolan. And at last she can go home completely recovered.

My own opinion

The bell jar was quite a difficult book to read with a lot of philosophie in it and it`s not written in logical following order but with a lot of flashbacks. It also needs a lot of guessing to understand the whole book, but after getting through the first part it isn`t that bad to read.
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