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A day no pigs would die


Robert Newton Peck


Laurel-Leaf Books

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The father of Robert Peck, Haven Peck, is a farmer. Every day he slaughts pigs. If Haven died, he cannot kill pigs anymore. Then must his son Robert do it. But on the day that Haven died, his son did not work, because he has to arrange the funeral. So on that day no pigs would killed and that is the day no pigs would die.

Background information

Robert Newton Peck, a native of Vermont, was born whitin a musket shot of Fort Ticonderoga. He now lives in Darien, with his wife and children. His other books include Path of Hunters, Soup, Fawn, and Millie ’s boy.


A boy, called Robert Peck, was not at school at an April day. He was walking along a street, and saw a cow that was making a dreadful noise. He look at it, it was a cow that was having her calf. Robert helped to get that calf born. When the calf was born, the cow made that noise again. Robert put his hand into the cow’s mouth and there it was a hard ball stuck in her windpipe. The cow bit on his arm and bit again and dragged him half-naked with her. Benjamin Tanner found Robert and brings him back to him papa and mama. A few days later Mr. Tanner came to Robert, said that the cow had two calves, and Mr. Tanner thanks Robert for his help, and gave him a pink young pig. Robert named that pig Pinky. In addition, Pinky should be his best friend. The father of Robert, Haven Peck, and Robert are going to make a place were Pinky could sleep.

Robert wanted to go to Rutland Fair, but he has not a horse to ride to Rutland. Then a day came Haven asked to Robert if he like to go to Rutland. Yes off course said Robert, but how?

Mr. Tanner needed a boy who helped him in de ring with his young oxen. Robert does it and Pinky goes too. And before Robert going to Rutland he washed Pinky very good. When they arrived in Rutland, Robert must walk with the oxen twin in the ring. Many people clapped and Robert had never seen this before. Then Pinky must come. Pinky was very clean and Robert shows her to the public. Pinky has the first prize for best-behaved pig, and she had a blue ribbon on her neck.

When Pinky came home, Haven looked at her. Robert asked what is it. Is she ill? No, said Haven maybe she is barren. And Mr. Tanner’s pig, Samson, could try if she was barren. In addition, she was it. Therefore, the day came to make an end of the life of Pinky. She was being useless, and Haven killed Pinky. Haven said to Robert: “I am gonna die, you must take this farm over”. And Haven Peck Died, he is buried in his orchard. That day no pigs are killed, not by Haven and not by Robert.


Small things in your life can have great consequences: Robert should have been in school that day, because he isn’t at school he saw a cow, and Robert helped that cow with having her calf. That cow bit on his arm en dragging him with her. That is a great consequence of not being in school.

Taking difficult decisions: Pinky is the pig of Robert. Pinky is useless and expensive, because Pinky is barren and she needs much food. It is useless to keep a pig what nothing is or can.

Something has to be useful: Pinky is barren, costs much food so she is useless and that is why she is killed. Haven Peck he died, because he is old and he cannot do anything more, so you can call it useless too.


Round characters: - Robert Peck and Haven Peck, this book is telling the whole life of Robert en Haven Peck

Flat characters: - Aunt Carrie, Mr. and Mrs. Tanner, Aunt Matty and Hume, Mrs. Bascom and Ira Long, Mr. end Mrs. Hillman, Isadore Crookshank, Jacob Henry, Mr. Clay Sander, Mr. Wilcox. This book names all these people, but nothing is told about them.

Types: - Haven Peck, you could think he is a pig killer.

Story telling

The writer Robert Newton Peck use his own name in the story (in the story Robert Peck). Robert peck is telling the story. The writer chose this, I think because the story is about Robert, and telling a story out of one person is the easiest way.

Time and space

The whole story is told in chronological order. There are no flashback and foreshadowings used in this book.

The story takes place most around the farm. Off course, other places too, for instance at Rutland, where Pinky won his blue ribbon.

The time that gone in the book is a few years.


There is no tension in the story. The book is telling about a boy and his pig and his father on a farm. The only tension in the whole book is that the cow bit on Robert’s arm, and that is told normally.

What did I think of the book?

When I had read the first chapter, I thought there came a day Haven Peck would die, and I had it right.

When I was watching at school in the bookcase, I found 'A day no pigs would die' and I thought that it should be a good book. But after reading this book, it is not what I thought it was.

The most gripping part of the book for me was that Pinky must die. Pinky was Robert’s best friend and she was always by Robert everywhere he was. I think you don’t kill your best friend isn’t? But you must take decisions.

I don’t think I read a book of the same author again. Because the begin and the end of the story likes me but halfway the story it is dull.

If somebody would read a relaxed text, read this book. However, I do not recommend it!
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