Boekverslag : George Orwell - Nineteen Eighty-four / 1984
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The difference between the book and 1984 in real

The book

Cameras are able to see everything, microphones hear everything.

People can't talk about things that are illegal or do things that are illegal, because they always risk to get arrested. Even thinking of thinks that don't fit into the ideas of the party is forbidden. When the Thought-Police discovers that someone is thinking of illegal things, he is bound to get arrested. Thinking itself is already almost illegal.

(Actually almost everything is illegal, even sex).

People don't know their own history. In fact, most of the people don't even know that they don't know their own history. Because of this, people don't even doubt whether they know the truth or not (Why should they?). This is because the Party is changing everything that indicates things of the past. People can't even tell what year they are living in!

The Party manipulates everything "double-plus".

There isn't enough food to feed all the people, so most of them are always hungry.

Only the most important ones have high quality food.

War is everywhere. People don't know better, everyone grew up wit war.

One of the most important slogans of the Party is:

War is Peace.

This means there's has to be war, if there's war, there's peace, and if there's peace, there's war (Conclusion; there will be war forever). The situation in the book shows the world like the communism want it to be (The old Russia).

Actually, it's even worse. The Party is really trying to change the old languages into Newspeak. When they will have succeeded in doing that, people won't longer be able to talk about things that are illegal. They won't even longer be able to think about illegal things, because there won't longer be words to think in (about illegal subjects).

1984 in real

1984 in real is almost the contrary of the book.

People are almost stimulated to think different and make new political groups and things like that. One of the most important rules of today's society is that everybody should be able to say and think anything he wants. Almost nobody wants war, and almost everybody wants peace. Everyone is supposed to know a little bit of history, so that everyone knows what might happen if certain things take place (like World War II).

Sex isn't illegal, in the contrary, sex is almost everywhere; on television, in papers etc.


I can't say which of the two situations I think is best. Probably none of them is perfect. I think nowadays there's to much toleration, and in the book, there isn't enough. A perfect society is probably found between these two situations...
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