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The Animal Farm

The book was first published in



The book is a novel.


I suppose that the story takes place around the same time it was written.

The time elapsing is a couple of years.

The events of the story are presented chronologically.


The story takes place in England, on a farm called the Manor Farm, which is later called Animal Farm

Main characters

The animals that live on the Animal farm. Some of the animals are more important then the others, they are:

-Napoleon the pig: Napoleon is very selfish, he's only interested in getting as much power as he can.

-Snowball the pig: Snowball is an honest and a smart pig, who believes in the ideals of the revolution.

-Boxer the horse: Boxer is a dumb workhorse, but honoured greatly for his phenomenal strength.


There's no I-person in the book.


There's much action in the book: an example is the fight between the humans and the animals when the humans try to take back the farm.


There are quite a few conflicts in the story; the main conflict off course is the one between the humans and the animals.

Relation with real world

Yes, the author tries to direct attention to his own time, where Hitler (here Napoleon, who also wanted to rule the world) had the chance to take power and conquer all of Europe.

Most important moment

In my opinion, the most important moment is when Napoleon drives Snowball away, because than democracy is gone and dictatorship begins for the animals.

Character I dislike

I dislike Napoleon, because he only thinks about himself. I liked Snowball, because he's honest and believes in the good.


The theme of the book is the danger about trusting the wrong people.


No, the book wasn't very hard to read.

Yes, I enjoyed reading the book, you can see how the author compares the second World War with the situation between the humans and the pigs in the book.


One night, Old Major, the oldest and smartest animal on Manor Farm, calls all the animals together on a meeting. There he tells them of a dream he has had of animals being freed of the human suppressers and running the farm on their own. Three days later, the Major dies, but his speech has left a deep impression on the animals, especially the smarter ones. Two of the pigs, who are considered the smartest animals, distinguish themselves from the others in the preparation for the revolution: Napoleon, who is a strong pig, but not a very good speaker, and Snowball, a very vivid pig, and a far better speaker than Napoleon. Together they lead the animalise in their revolution. One night, when Mr Jones, the owner of the farm, comes home late and drunk and forgets to feed the animals, they decide they won't take it anymore: they chase away the humans living on the farm and take over for themselves. They set up a set of 7 rules, which every animal should follow at all times:

1.: Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.

2.: Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings is a friend.

3.: No animal shall wear clothes.

4.: No animal shall sleep in a bed.

5.: No animal shall drink alcohol.

6.: No animal shall kill another animal.

7.: All animals are equal.

For the dumber animals that can't remember all of these rules, they are summarised in one general commandment: "Four legs good, two legs bad".

At first, everything is going great: because the animals are far more efficient than the humans are, they canalise support for themselves. When Mr Jones and people from the town come to the farm to take it back, the animals fight bravely and defeat the humans. Snowball and Boxer receive honorary medals for their bravery. But then, when Snowball shows the other animals his plans to build a windmill, Napoleon calls 9 big dogs, which he separated from their mother at birth and trained to listen only to him, and chases Snowball off the farm. He tells the other animals that Snowball was actually co-operating with Mr Jones. The building of the windmill begins, and as working-time goes up, food rations for the 'normal' animals go down, while the pigs seem to have enough food for them. When the mill is almost finished, a big storm comes up and blows the whole building down. The animals decide to re-build the mill, while food-rations are cut down even more. The rebuilding of the mill takes two years, and when it is finally finished again, Mr Jones and his men come back, and although the animals fight bravely, they can't help that the men blow up the mill. The pigs decide to build the mill again, and cut the food rations again. Then Boxer dies. According to the pigs, he is taken to the hospital, but Benjamin the mule can read the side of the truck that comes to pick Boxer up; it's actually taking him to a butcher, But Napoleon can convince the animals that it isn't true.

Three years later the mill is finally finished. During this time Napoleon has depend the relations with the humans, and then he even invites them over to the farm for an inspection. While the pigs and the men sit around a table and eat and play cards, the other animals sneak up and peak through the window. They can't see the difference between man and pig.
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