Boekverslag : Richard Musman - Gold Robbery
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Gold Robbery

I read a book written by Richard Musman. It’s called « Gold Robbery ».

It’s about the journalist Joe Brook and his friend Bob Slattery. I will tell you their story !

Joe Brook is a reporter at the Daily News. Many people bought the Daily News just to read Joe’s stories. Because he’s the only reporter in England who had so many unusual adventures. He already helped the police, but he had also caused a lot of trouble.So now, one day, he’s sitting at a desk and he’s waiting for the reports of the gold robbery written by a man in NY. He hated to sit at a desk. He asked his chef , but he didn’t get the promission. When he got back home that evening, he got a ring from an old friend, Bob Slattery. Bob said : « I must see you, Joe. I’m at London Airport.I’ll be at your flat as soon as possible.

Bob arrived by taxi half an hour later. He showed joe true the window a car-a Jaguar-. He said that it was following him all the way from the airport. Bob thought that it’s one of the gold robbers gang.

Two days ago Bob found a strange object in New Orleans. It was a model os the Empire State Building and it’s filled with gold. Bob found it in tfe French Quarter. He was walking slowly through the narrow old streets. Suddenly he noticed a bright object at the side of the road. He stopped and pisked it up.It was the model.

He knew immediately that it was made of gold so he cried out in surprise. Then a policeman stopped and asked if something was wrong. Bob showed him the model and said he thought it was made of gold. The policeman said : “You don’t find gold in the streets” and showed him a goldsmith’s shop. The shopkeeper said he was wrong and asked if he could buy it for 50 dollars. From that moment they were folowing him.

Now Bob is going to his club “The Pall Mall” . Bob in a car of the police, after them

the gold robbers and after the gold robbers Joe was driving. The gold robbers were waiting at the club suddenly there came a girl in a short skirt. But the ground was wet so she slipped and she felled. The man from the Jaguar offered the girl his hand, Joe could see his face. It was Carlo . Suddenly the car went away and Joe followed it. The car stopped and Carlo got out . Joe had to follow him so he stopped his car and ran after him.But Carlo disappeared.

Joe immediately went to Angus Macfarlane. It’s one of England’s most famous detectives.He told him everything.

Then Joe, Bob and an FBI agent went to visit the goldsmith’s shop, but no-one was there.Clearly the gang left in a great hurry. Joe saw a gold bar . Now they knew they were in the gold robbers workshop. Then they asked themselves the question: “Where are the other bars?” Probably on a boat ! There he saw the same girl as he saw at the Pall Mall. He followed her and so he saw her talking to Carlo. “Do they know eachother?” She went away and Joe went after her. She turned towards the river and she met Carlo again . Then they yelled at eachother and Joe told a sailor to get the police. Ten minutes later Joe was describing his adventure to the Police Chief. Joe’s work was done!
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