Boekverslag : Brian Moore - Lies Of Silence
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 460 woorden.

Michael Dillon is a hotelmanager who is unhappily married to the beautiful Moira. He has started an affair with Andrea. But he still lives at his home with his wife Moira in Northen Ireland. One night while they are in bed, Michael hears something outside and looks to see a white car that has pulled up near his house. This startled him because it was very late at night. Then four men appear to have entered his house. He hears something falling and runs to the phone to call the police. Before he knew it there was a pistol pointed to his head and he put down the phone. Moira is also caught by the men in masks. The men want Michael to do something, and if he disagrees, he will be killed. Michael catches a glimps of the face of one of the men, Kev, in the reflection in a mirror while he lifted his mask to scratch his face under his eye.

The obejective that Michael must complete for the IRA men is to drive his own car, fitted with a bomb, to his regular parking space at his hotel and leave it. Michael had to make a choice and decides to do it. After parking his car he left to a shop on the other side of the street. He can't take the responsibility of killing all those innocent people and decides to call the police. He is ordered to evacuate the hotel and the bomb-squad took care of the bomb.

Michael returns home to find Moira unharmed with the police. Michael still hasn't told Moira about his affair with Andrea, eventhough Moira knows that there marriage is going nowhere. Michael is called by the IRA and is told that they are going to kill him. After telling the police they advise him to move to Londen as he wouldn't be very safe in Northen Ireland. Moira doesn't want to come as she has other plans. Michael sees this as a perfect oppurtunity to finally finish his marriage and continue with Andrea in London.

The police have found a suspect and believe it could be Kev. They ask Michael to identify him so thay can put him away. He does this. The police also have found two other boys and wants Michael to testify. Andrea doesn't want him to because she has been visited by a priest who says Michael will be killed if he cooperates with the police. Michael didn't know this and told the priest that he would testify. Later he realizes he made a mistake and try's to contact the priest. But the priest had already told the IRA. Later two men walk into his appartment and draw pistols...and they were not wearing masks.
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