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The granite beast

English Book report: The Granite Beast

By Ann Coburn

Book report made by: Marco Van Sleen

Ruth is a girl, whose fifteen years old and she lives with her mother in Cornwall. Eight months ago her father died and her father wish was to move to Cornwall. They have just moved there and since she moved in she got nightmares. Every time she got a nightmare, she wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming or laying on the floor. Ruth thinks that her dreams are some kind of warning; maybe something terrible would happen in Cornwall. When Ruth walks by a garage, she notices that someone is staring at her. She’s afraid to look, but she sees that there is a boy, standing there in that garage. Later, Ruth had a little fight with her mother. Ruth goes away and tells herself, that she shouldn’t stop walking until her feet hurt. Ruth walked until she came by a ruin. There she met the boy from the garage. He had followed Ruth. The boy’s name is Ben. He knew that Ruth was dreaming about something terrible. But Ruth doesn’t want to listen to him. Later they meet again after a few dreams, and then Ruth believes him. They try to solve the problem together. First they start to read books about strange places. To solve the problem they also go to the different mysterious places, but when they arrived there, Ruth doesn’t recognize any of them in her dreams. On one evening they are reading books about ghosts, legends and unexplained disasters. When Ruth read one story she recognize it like one of her dreams. Under the village is a hole mine and tunnel system. Ruth goes inside the tunnels, with a school trip. In those tunnels shelter, there are echoes from hundred years old around. She tries to warn everybody, but no wants to listen to Ruth. Ruth doesn’t want to go in the tunnels, though she goes because she wants to protect her classmates. Ben goes with them to, but nobody is allowed to, so he goes after the group on a distance. When they are in the tunnels, the walls begin to shake just like an earthquake. The walls fall in. they make a rope of belts and clothes. There is a fight about who should climb first along that rope. The teacher says that Ruth should climb first and Ruth should tie the rope she’s carrying to something. They climb with a rope that Ruth had brought with to above and when they smell fresh air they follow it and find so there way out. Ben who has followed the children in the tunnel is rescued by rescue workers and has only a dislocated shoulder and a nasty bump on the head.

Own opinion:

The granite beast was sometimes a difficult book to read. Sometimes, I couldn’t follow it, but later on I knew again where the story tells about. Especially the end I like best. It’s exited and you hope that they get out of that mine shelter. Though it is a tick book, but I can recommend it to others.

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