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Lies of Silence

Brian Moore

Blackbirds, 192 pages


The theme of this book is making choices. Dillon, the main character, has to make some difficult choices. He gets involved in the IRA. He is forced to kill his boss, Pottinger and a lot of other people who stay in the hotel. If he doesn’t kill his boss, the IRA threatens to kill his wife. Then he has to take a choice; or following their orders or risking the life of his wife.

And that’s not the only difficult choice. He has to make another decision; leaving his wife to live with another woman of staying with her. And there is also the threatment of the IRA, but he decides to start a new life. That wasn’t easy and he had to think a lot of these difficult problems.


The story is chronologically. The story starts with Michael who gets involved in the works of the IRA. He has to kill his boss, but he didn’t do that and after that he’s afraid. He has to live with fear, because the IRA is dangerous.

And then, his live goes on. That’s not easy, because there is always a threatment. He has to make choices and his live goes on. His life has changed after the involvement with the IRA. His life has totally changed and I noticed this very clearly in this book.

This is a story which could have happen a couple of years ago. It’s about the IRA, who is active in Ireland. The last years, you don’t often hear anything from them. But the years before, they were active and very busy with bombs and things like that.

Point of view

You are constantly in Dillon’s mind. You read what he is thinking and walk with him through the whole story. Dillon has a couple of problems which have an influence on his way of thinking.


The story is told from the point of view of Michael Dillon. That’s why you know him quite well.

He is in the thirties and Married with Moira. He is a busy mann and likes his job. He is a bit uncertain about his future and has to make a lot of choices. That affects his life.

Another character is Moira. That’s his wife. She loves Dillon and isn’t as afraid as Dillon is. She dares to talk to the men of the IRA and tries to escape. She has got swank and is straight to the point. She says what she is thinking and that’s what make her a strong woman.

Another character is Andrea. That’s his girlfriend. She is uncertain about her future with Michael, but she is able to make her own decisions.

The only character who developes is Michael. He is afraid of the IRA and that has an influence on his way to handle and live on.


The story plays in and around Belfast, a big city in Ireland. That has something to do with this story, because this is a place where the IRA is active.

In the beginning is the IRA inside the house of the Dillon’s. The lights are out and it’s dark. That is good, because this is what it makes more thrilling.


This book has got 10 chapters and has got 192 pages. It was very clear

The structure is good. You get totally involved in the story when you have read a couple of pages.


‘No’, he said. ‘Listen, my transfer is come through. I’m going to Londen tomorrow.’

‘Are you, now?’ She said sarcastically. ‘Well, if you do, I suppose that’s the end of us.’

‘Look’, he said. ‘I want to talk to you about that’.

‘About what, she said and suddenly he saw fear in her face’.

‘About us.’

‘What was her name again. The one you were holding hands with this morning?’

‘Her name is Andrea Baxter’

page 128

There is a lot of dialogue in this book and that’s easy to read. The words they use aren’’t as difficult as I thought they would be. That’s why I read this book very quickly.


This book is a thriller but also a psychological novel. Dillon is afraid of the Ira, but has to make a couple of difficult choices. And that isn’t easy for him.


I like reading this book. It wasn’t difficult to read it and the story was nice. I thought that it would be more exciting, but it wasn’t. Only in the beginning do you see the Ira and that’s all. After that, the choices Dillon has to make, are more important.

I didn’t like the ending, it was to sudden. And that’s what the book makes less attractive. The whole story is nice to read and then is it suddenly finished.
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