Boekverslag : Brian Moore - Lies Of Silence
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 652 woorden.

Michael Dilon lives in Belfast. He’s the Hotel manager at the Clarence hotel. He’s married to Moira, but wants to divorce her because he has an affair with a girl named Andrea.

Michael has always wanted to return to London and he’s planned to go and live there with Andrea. He’ll tell his wife the next day about this, but then the IRA breaks in there house in the middle of the night. They are trapped in their own living-room…guarded by men with guns.

The next morning they force Michael to dress himself and go to work: the IRA has put a bomb in his car. Michael has to park his car in the garage of the Clarence. The IRA’s purpose is to kill Reverend Alun Pottinger (an anti-Catholic), who’s staying in the hotel.

If Michael warns the police, the IRA will kill Moira. When Michael had parked the car he has to walk to the shop on the other side of the street..pretending to buy something.

When he’ll get out..a car will pick him up and bring him back home. But when Michael’s in the shop he suddenly realises that the bomb is going to kill lots of innocent people.

In a rush he rings up the police, who arrive and get all the people out of the hotel just before the bomb explodes. Some walls are collapsed but nobody’s hurt.

Then Michael drives home ..he finds Moira alone..the IRA had left her already before the bomb went off. Michael can’t tell moira about him wanting to divorce her on this moment so he waits. Moira is angry with him because he risked her life by phoning the police. She starts to demonstrate against the IRA and tells everyone their story…although the police had told them to keep it quiet for their own safety.

They also adviced them to go away…to London or something, but moira doesn’t want to.

Michael tells her that he’ll go..with or without her: he’s asked for a transfer to a sister-hotel in London and it’s succesfull. Andrea also is transferred to a BBC-station in London.

Just before they leave a priest ringss the doorbell. He seems to know michael but Michael doesn’t know who he is. Anyway: the priest tells him he has heard that Michael had recognized one of the IRA-men (Kev). He knows a woman who’s afraid that her son is involved in the IRA-business. Now he asks Michael to testify against Kev when they’ve arrested him.

Michael says he will and the priest goes away.

When they are in London the police rings up that they’ve arrested a guy which could be the one micheal described to them. They ask him to come over and testify, but Michael is not sure.

The priest has called him and told him that the arrested guy was his cousin Kev and he’s begged Michael NOT to testify to save Kev. But micheal didn’t listen and told him that he would testify. The fact is that he doesn’t trust that priest. He thinks he might be a sort of spy of the IRA. Now Andrea is very afraid that the priest will tell the IRA bout michael going to testify and she’s afraid they will come and kill him then.

So she persuades him to ring up the police and tell them that he’s not going to testify.

Now he has to find the priest to tell him that he’s not going to testify but he can’t reach him anymore. When he arrives home he walks in and leaves the door open.

A man comes in..he says he comes to read the meter. He asks him if he’s Professro Robertson but Michael says he’s just looking after the place for Robertson.

Then the man says:"so you’re mr.Dillon then??"

Michael says yes..the man whistles and to man come in…they have guns.

This time there is no witness.
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