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Lies of Silence - Brian Moore The title of the book I read is "Lies of Silence" . It was written by Brian Moore and published for the first time in 1990. I read the 1995 edition, which contained 128 pages.

The story tells you about the situation in the nineties in Ireland, because some of the characters drive modern cars and use modern telephones. Helicopters and aeroplanes are mentioned as well.

The two main characters are both Catholics, but they do not support the IRA and do not go to church. In their case it didn't matter whether they were Catholics or Protestants, because the IRA just wanted someone to carry their bomb to a particular place.

I think this book is a thriller, because things like hostage and murder happen in thrillers. The story is very exciting and scary.

It's a very realistic story. I've seen on the news that the IRA really picks ordinary people to drive a bomb and force them not to tell the police anything. If they go to the police, someone they care about can get killed.

The main character is Michael Dillon.

He's a manager, who's 30 (ish) years old, of a hotel and he's married to Moira. He's having a secret relationship with Andrea Baxter. He wants to leave his wife and tell her that he loves someone else, but then they are kept in hostage and he can't tell her. When he's transferred to London, after the police have talked to him, the IRA shoot him. His wife Moira Dillon knows that her marriage is going to end up in a divorce soon. She wants to work in a boutique and she thinks Michael will disapprove, because he thinks teaching young children is a better job. She warns Michael that he shouldn't testify against the IRA, but it's too late then.

If I could meet someone of the characters, I'd like to meet Michael Dillon, because it took a lot of courage to call the police, thinking of what they could have done with his wife, who was kept in hostage. If they would've killed her it was his fault.

I'd rather not meet the people who kept Moira and Michael in hostage for one night and the person who shot Michael in the end. They belong to the IRA and they're not afraid of murder.


Michael and Moira are kept in hostage by the IRA in their own house. Early in the morning Michael is ordered to drive his car, which contains a bomb, to the parking place of the hotel he works in. After he has parked the car he has to buy a pack of cigarettes in a shop opposite to the hotel. When he's in the shop he calls the police, risking that the IRA will kill Moira, who's still at their house. The police evacuates all the people out of the building. Only property is damaged by the bomb. Michael and Moira think they are safe, but Micahel has told the police that he saw the face of one the IRA's people. Soon the press knows about that, but Michael is still determined to testify against that man Then the IRA tries to convince him not to testify and Michael understands the IRA will find him, even though he's know working in London. He wants to tell the police that he won't testify, but it's too late. A man steps into his office and kills him.

I think "Lies of Silence" very good title, because you can lie and be silent at the same time. When you keep something like this a secret, you're accessary to, in this case, murder.


I really liked this book. I would recommend this book because it was easy to read and very exciting. The book makes you realize that the things that happened to Michael and Moira could easily happen to any particular person in Northern Ireland. A few months ago I read "the Matador" written by Tim Krabbé. In that story a man was killed by the ETA, a Spanish political organization who wants to have their own country. The reason of that murder was different. They didn't like the man because he was a tourist.
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