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Lies of Silence, by Brian Moore.

Published by Wolters-Noordhoff bv, 1999.

A short summary.

This book tells the story of a married middle-aged man, who’s called Michael Dillon. He lives with his wife in Belfast, Ireland. He’s an hotel manager in the hotel/restaurant: the Clarence. Everything seems normal, but Michael has got a lover too. She’s called Andrea. He’s confused, but decided to tell Moira, his wife, about Andrea. That night, when he wanted to tell her, he heard happen strange things outside. Later on there was broken in to there house. They were held hostage by Ira men. Not that they were very catholic, but they were raised that way.

Moira tried to escape through the toilet window, but was forced inside again. Then they still didn’t know why they were hostages. The next morning the IRA men came to them to get Michael and to explain only to him what they were up to and what he had to do. Michael had to park his car in the carpark of the Clarence, his own hotel. That’s all. After he put his car there he would tell the doorman he had to buy something at the other side of the road. When he had bought something he would be picked up by the IRA again. He would be followed by the IRA and checked if he didn’t phone the police. When he did his wife would be dead. The two of them went into the bedroom because Michael had to dress. The IRA man showed his face accidentally. The man was looking in the mirror to scratch his face. When he saw that Michael was looking he said that Michael never seen his face. Michael taught he would be doomed. Good thinking.

When he drove to his Hotel he thought of his past and of course about Moira and Andrea and what to do, because he still hadn’t tell her. He drove his car into the carpark and wasn’t checked by the security gate, as usual. He saw Pottinger come in the hotel for a speech to his believers. Than he knew it wasn’t an other stupid bomb attack. When he came into the shop he didn’t listen to the IRA anymore and he phoned the police because he knew that they won’t call the hotel to clear it. After that the hotel was cleaned and the bomb went off after the police showed up. He drove to his home and saw Moira sitting with the police in the living room. Moira was deeply shocked when she found out what he had done. She went to her parents place. Moira thought the best thing to do was to tell the whole world what was happened, because then they would know how bad it was. The police however wanted this story out of the world, because they might get hurt by the IRA serious. After a while she found out about Andrea. Not because he had told her but because she saw them.

Moira had started a process against the IRA. Michael had been transformed to London because he did what the police said and because he wanted to get away from Belfast and all his memory’s. He wanted a new life with Andrea. After a day in London he was called by the police, They had founded Kev. That was the boy Michael saw during the morning. They asked if he could identified. He said he would first discuss it with Moira. That afternoon he got a visit from en old school made who was priest now. He asked if he would testified. He said yes because he became very angry. He discussed it with Moira and Andrea. He decided not to. The next morning he would call the police about what he had decided. The problem was that the police wasn’t there. The operator told him that they would be back this afternoon. Again the priest came and again he said he would testified. That afternoon he was trying to call the police again. When he went in to his flat he was pushing a little-red hared fellow, because the phone rang and it would probably be the police so he could say he wont testify. The same red-haired man came a minute later into his apartment. He told him he would check the meter. Then two other men came into his apartment and shoot him. This time without any witnesses. (734 words)
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