Boekverslag : Brian Moore - Lies Of Silence
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 749 woorden.

Michael Dillon is a hotelmanager and he’s married to Moira. He only wanted to marry Moira because she was very beautiful. Michael doesn’t love Moira anymore and he has met Andrea at his work and they start an affair. Michael decides to tell Moira he wants to divorce. When Michael and Moira are in bed, Michael heres a sound and watches out of his window. He see’s a white ford with a man and girl inside. Michael thinks this is very strange because it’s a few hours after midnight. When Michael wants to go to bed he see’s that the white ford is signalling, he looks and there are four man coming up, the walk to Michael’s house and enter his garden. Michael runs to the telephone and he hears glass falling. He wants to call the police but the burglars have guns pointed at him so he layed down the telephone. Then Moira must also come down and the burglars tell them there’s nothing to be affraid of, accept if they don’t listen they will be killed. When the burglars start to talk one is called Kev and Michael also saw his face when he lighted a sigaret. The IRA-men tell they only want michael to do something for them, and if michael doesn’t, they will kill his wife. Michael must drive his car into the hotelparking at his usual place with a bomb in his trunk. After placing the car on the right spot he must leave the parking and go to the shop at the other side of the street, when michael is in the shop he thinks of all the people in his hotel and he decides to call the police and tells the whole story. The police told him to evacuate the hotel. When the hotel has been evacuated he see’s that the UDA-leader Allen Pottinger was speaching to his followers. After a few minutes there arrives a bomb squad and the let the bom go of without any casualties. Michael thinks of his wife and drives with another car to his house and see’s that the police has arrived and that Moira is unharmed. Michael and Moira are arguing every day and Michael hasn’t told Moira of his affair with Andrea. In the evening Michael was called by the IRA and they said that they were going to kill him. After the phonecall the police advices to go to London because they wouldn’t be save in Northern Ireland. In the meanwhile the media has discovered a great story and they find out that Michael saw Kev’s face. Moira sleeps at her parents and she doesn’t want to go to London because she thinks that’s IRA wants and she’s wants to start a club or party who is against IRA and also against UDA. Michael see’s it as a possibility to leave Moira and to go further in London with Andrea. Because Michael wants to go to London he asks his boss for a transfer to London. The police has an idea who Kev could be and they arrest a 19-year old boy, the police asks if Michael will testify and he cooperates with the police. Few days later he hears that the transfer to London is no problem.and that the police arrested two other boys and they ask again if he wants to testify. Andrea doesn’t want him to testify because she thinks it will make no great difference. At a certain moment there comes a priest with a story that Kev was the son of a woman who works for him and that the Kev is her only child. Later on the priest has also visited Moira with another story, that Kev was his nephew and that he’s not a bad boy. Michael told the priest that he would testify and therefore the priest told the IRA, a day later Michael agrees with Andrea and he wants to find the priest but he can’t, he wants to call him and walks to his appartment because he expects a call from the police and he see’s a little man on the stairs, he walks further and is by his door and the man comes and he says that he wants to read the gasmeter, and he asks if it is Mr. Dillon, Michael answers and the man whistles. Two young men came in at the door and they raised their revolvers, they were not wearing masks. This time there would be no witness.
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