Boekverslag : John Milne - The Black Cat
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The Black Cat

Main character

The main character in this story is called Salahadin.

He's an inspector in the Egyptian police.

His job is to protect Egyptian antiquities.

An antiquity is something which is very old and mostly olso valuable.

Many of them are in museums in Cairo or in Europe, but some of them aren't found yet.

Somethimes archeologists find antiquities and try to keep them theirselfs, but they have to give it top the Egyptian Government.

It's Salahadin's job to stop this happening.


When there was an archeologist murdred, called Pearson, it was Salahadin's job to find out why they did that and who it did.

After a fwej day's he discovered that Pearson had found a Black Cat the day before he was murdred. The Black Cat is something very valuable, they say that is was made of gold and diamant, but they hided it whit black paint, so nobody knew this.

He also knewed how the killer was looking and after a cupple of day looking he find him. It was a smuggler of antiquites. There was another car following him.

During the pursuit they rode in the mountains. Suddenly they heard a loud crach. The two smugglers had an accident by a charp turn.

Salahadin went to the cars. The only surviver was the murdrer. He told Salahadin that he killed the archologic, but the Black Cat was now in hands of Peterson. Peterson was now travveling to Athens by boot.

Salahadin took the same boot and discovered Peterson. Salahadin took the Black Cat. The two fighted. Peterson fell over the rails.

When Salahadin came on in Athens, he told the police evrything and they believed him, after showing the Black Cat and some toher evidences.

The Black Cat was given to a museum and all the offenders were dead. After all they find out, that the Black Cat wasn't made of gold or diamants, but it wás very valuable, because it was more than two thousand years old.
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