Boekverslag : Jay Mcinerney - Story Of My Life
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 536 woorden.

Jay McInerney was born in 1955. His other books include Bright lights, big city and Ransom, which have been published in more than a dozen languages. His other fiction has appeared in magazines such as Esquire and Atlantic. He also wrote the screenplay for the film version of Brights Lights, Big City. He lives in New York. The book is a Diary written by a American girl named Allison, she is an typical example of a girl spoiled by her rich parents, who didn’t give her love, but a lot of toys instead and in this case her parents gave her allot of horses and money. She is 21 and lives in New York City she has a roommate called Jeannie who she met when she was little, during horse riding, she is her best friend. Beside Jeannie Allison has a bunch of other friends and a crazy sister, but they are all pretty “fucked up” like Allison says. Allison wants to become a big actress, so when she isn’t to fucked up when she awakes she goes to drama lessons. Beside that, al she does is party, which isn’t party like me and you do, (well I suppose I don’t know how you party) but drinking so much that they pas out and when they pass out they use some cocaine to regain consciousness and than they are so strong out, they use a lot of tranquilizers like valium and weed to get relaxed. Such a party usually lasts until 12.00 next day and this at least twice a week. Like she says her self: “The first year I was in New York I didn’t do anything but guys and blow. Staying out all night at the Surf club and Zulu, waking up at five in the afternoon with plugged sinuses and sticky hair. Some kind of white stuff in every opening”. Well I think she is now three years in New York and she still almost doesn’t do anything else, except for the white stuff, it now belongs to one person named Dean. He is 31 and she is “in lust “at him as she calls it. At first sight Dean is a nice person, a real gentleman, but after two weeks Allison finds out that he has been cheating on her, but for Allison this isn’t the main problem. The problem is that he didn’t tell her. Allison thinks that everything is o.k. except lying to an other person, this is probably the theme and message of the book, that truth isn’t everything. Well the “relation” last for a few weeks but after Allison tells Dean that she slept with a friend of him, Dean isn’t interested any more, which Allison fiends really strange because didn’t she told the truth?

The writer gives a good idea how these kind of people live and at the same time it gives you an idea what such a person thinks about the way they lives. It’s hard to imagine for me, but I’ve seen on TV that these kind of people really exist, who don’t do anything else than party and sleep, which they are able to because there rich father supports them financially.
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