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Closer, closer


The principal person in this book is Sarah, who is a part of an unidentical twin. Her sister calls Bobby and they are rivals, but in most things, Bobby is the best.

Then Sarah meets Jess; she is a jitter, someone who specialises in doing just what her parents don't want to. She also meets some of her friends; Moose, Bobski,... When Jess visits a very old aunt of hers, Sarah joins her. Actually Jess has to visit her aunt Lil every weekend, but her house is stinky and cheerless so she doesn't like to go there. But when Sarah meets Lil at the bus stop, she helps her carrying her shopping and afterwards she stays visiting aunt Lil (and her dog). Bobby and Sarah are both participating in the schoolplay. Because Sarah is a little bit shy, she does her speech together with her sister, who also writes it.

During the rehearsels, Sarah makes friends with the supercool Dave West and some of his friends. Sarah is crazy about Dave and they start talking scandle about Bobby because she's such a striver and before she realises, Sarah is complaining about her sister.

Sarah likes to be with Jess and her friends. But she went out without telling her mum where she went and for how long, so her mum is very upset when she comes home rather late. There starts a kind of "family-row"; Sarah blames her mother that Bobby is her favourit and finally, Sarah and Bobby start fighting. It was a very "hard" row and afterwards Sarah and Bobby don't speak anymore to each other.

When Bobby copies Sarah's maths, the teacher blames Sarah for it. The punish-ment: Sarah is detained after school every Thursday for one hour, until the end of the term, or until she admits she has been cheating, and apologises in writing to Miss McCoskey (the teacher of maths) for the abusive language and behaviour she displayed in her class. Now she can't also participate in the schoolplay because the rehearsels are on Thursday and her sister will do the speech alone. Sarah goes a lot to Jess and her friends, and she starts drinking and smoking.They even take Sarah to a disco and she promises that she'll join them also at a festival in Ashdown.

Sarah doesn't tell her mum that she's going to a festival; she just leaves the house and goes to the park where she'd meet her friends. But Jess says that she first has to go to her aunt. Lil needs some shoppings and while Sarah is doing the shoppings (with the dog), Jess stays with her aunt. When Sarah returns, Jess has already left. But then Sarah sees that the dog looks ill, so first off al, she has to go to a vet. The dog was very ill and there was nothing the vet could do, except making it easier for the dog.

Like that, it turns out that it's already very late when Sarah is going at the park, where she'd meet her friends. But in the park there's only Moose and Bo; Jess, Bobski, Fingel and Dan set off hours ago.

At the festival, Sarah meets some old friends and she is going with them. But when they want to nag some niggers, Sarah is very angry and leaves them.

She wanders around in the camp and then she sees her sister, who had said that she would stay with a friend. And her sister is kissing... Dave West!!! Sarah tries to hide; but it's already too late. The sisters speak again and Sarah spends the night in Bobby's the tent. The next morning, their mum and (step-)father are also at the festival; they have found them thanks to Alphie, their little brother, who was with Sarah when she told her friends she'd come.

Back at school, Sarah apologises to Miss McCoskey, because she wants to be in the show; she has rewritten the speech and it's a big success!

Without knowing it, Sarah's friends have also come to the show and in the end everything comes right!!
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