Boekverslag : Daphne Du Maurier - Jamaica Inn
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1032 woorden.

Number of pages: 267

Where does the story take place?

The story takes place at Jamaica Inn, a temperance house on the twenty-mile road between Bodmin and Launceston.

When does the story take place? The story takes place in 1815, because this book is written in 1935 and there is told that the story has been pictured as it might have been a hundred and twenty years ago.

Title explanation: Jamaica Inn is the hotel where the story takes place. There are happening a lot of strange things.

Who are the main characters? The main character is Mary Yellan. She is twenty-three years old and she had lost her parents, so she went to her aunt Patience. Her uncle, Joss Merlyn, is smuggling and he is the landlord of Jamaica Inn. His brother, Jem Merlyn, is very charming and Mary falls in love with him. Francis Davey, the vicar of Altarnun, looks like a nice man but at the end of the story it turns out that that isn't true.

What's the theme of the book? Mary Yellan is at Jamaica Inn, because her mother died and her aunt lives there at Jamaica Inn. She found out that her uncle is was a smuggler and she became very curious. She wanted to know everything what was going on at Jamaica Inn.

Which part of the book did you like best? I liked the end. I didn't expect that the vicar killed her aunt and uncle. I thought that it might be Jem. I also liked it that Mary was now together with Jem for the rest of her life.

What's your own opinion of the book? I liked this book very much. I think that it is a very good author. She descriped the persons very good, this was also my second book of her. The story was exciting and with a little bit of romance. Yes, I liked this book.

Eleborate extract: When Mary Yellan's mother died she decided to go to her aunt Patience at Jamaica Inn. She had never seen her uncle. His name was Joss Merlyn, he was the landlord of Jamaica Inn. Mary didn't like him. He was very strange, he told her that she had to stay in bed when she heard wheels in the middle of the night.

One night Mary heard wheels and she got out of her bed. She saw her uncle with a couple of men in the room who was always locked. Then her uncle killed somebody. Mary saw it and went back to her room and her bed. She began to understand that the waggons were loaded with some stuff and that they unloaded at Jamaica Inn.

When it became winter, Mary met Jem Merlyn, the younger brot-her of her uncle. She liked him.

Then her uncle left Jamaica Inn for a couple of days. A man came, it was squire Bassat. He knew that Joss was a smuggler but he couldn't proof it, so he searched the whole house and opened the locked room. But it was empty.

When her uncle came back he didn't stay a very long time. He went away again and Mary decided to follow her uncle. But after a little while she lost him. Then she heard a horse coming. It was Francis Davey, the vicar of Alternun. He was very friendly to her and they became friends. She told him a lot about her uncle, because Mary thought she could trust him. Then he brought her back to Jamaica Inn.

When she saw Jem again he invited her to go with him to Laun-ceston at Christmas Eve. It was very nice. She liked Launces-ton and she liked Jem. But it wasn't very nice anymore when Jem dissapeared. So she decided to go home, walking. When she was walking she heard a coach coming. The vicar of Alternun was in it and Mary drove with him back to Jamaica Inn. When they arrived Mary saw her uncle. He as drunk and he took her with his friends to the beach where they were beating and kicking her. They were doing horrible things, they burnt body's and they shoot a lot of people. Then she became uncon-scious.

When she woke up she was in her room. Her aunt Patience was there also. When they got downstairs her uncle said that they had to fled because his big boss was after him because of what he had done at Christmas Eve and he didn't do the smuggling like he was supposed to do.

Then that night Jem stood under Mary's window. She led him in with her blanket. She told him that her uncle wanted to leave that morning but that she wouldn't go with her uncle. Then Jem left. A little time after Jem left Mary got also through the window outside. She went to Francis Davey, the vicar, but wasn't home. She left a note for him and then she went to mr. Bassat but he wasn't home either. She talked to his wife and mrs. Bassat told her that they were already away to catch her uncle Joss.

Mary decided to go back to Jamaica Inn. When she arrived she saw her uncle, laying on the ground. He was dead. Then mr. Bassat arrived with a couple o men. They found her aunt Pa-tience. She was dead too. Then the vicar came because he had read her note. He took her to his house and Mary stayed there a couple of days until she found out that the vicar was the big boos of her uncle. Then Francis told her that he killed her uncle and aunt. Then he took Mary to the moors by horse. They tried to sleep there but suddenly they heard the barking of bloodhounds of mr. Bassat. Then they saw a lot of men and Mary heard gunfire. They missed her and hit the vicar. He was dead. Mary looked and she saw that it was Jem who had shoot. She stayed a while with mr. and mrs. Bassat but then she decided to go further with Jem. Her hero and the man she loved.
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