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The book is called ‘Not without my daughter' because the book is about an American woman who goes to Iran, with her Irani husband and their daughter. They are going to visit his family in Iran. But he won't let her go back to the USA and she tries everything to escape but she doesn't wants to go back to the USA without her daughter.And that makes it a lot harder to escape then if she would go alone and would leave her daughter in Iran.


The story takes place in the USA and in Iran from 1984 till 1987.


Love,hate, friends,fear.

Main characters

Betty Mahmoody:She is married with an Irani man who has lives in the USA for a long time. If they are going to Iran for a holiday he won't let her go back to the USA. She is a strong woman who keeps having faith that there will be a day that she can go back to the USA.

Moody Mahmoody: he's Betty's husband and he is born in Iran. When a relative of him is coming over to America he wants to go back to Iran more and more every day. When they are in Iran he doesn't wants to go back to the USA anymore and he won't let his wife and child go back. He is lazy but he wants to be a doctor in Iran just like he was in the USA.

Mathob Mahmoody: She is the daughter of Betty and Moody. She is a very strong little girl from 5 years old. She never gives up hope that she can go back to the USA once and she helps her mother and doesn't says a word about when they go ‘shopping'to her dad. She never gives up not even when she is very ill.

Minor characters

Moody's family: Ameh Bozorg, Essey,Mammal, and the rest of his family. Helen, and Betty's friends.

Plot outline

When Betty arrives in Iran she is scared that she will never leave Iran again. But she says to herself that she should trust her husband. But when the 2 weeks are over he won't let them go back to the USA, never. He doesn't leaves her alone and if he can't look after her a relative of him does it. But after a few weeks when she has showed him he can trust her she can go shopping alone but they can't stay away to long, because when they would do that he won't let let them go away again. When she goes shopping she calls helen, the ambassador off the american embassy. She can hear if there is any news for her from her family or if there is a chance she can leave Iran. But the times go on, and Moody gives her more freedom every week. She get's to know people who can help her try to escape. And after she has been in Iran for more then a year she has a chance to escape, with her daughter. They have to go by car first. After a few hours a guy leaves the car, and Betty and Mahtob have to go further with an other car. They have to go by horse also. Betty is so tired and is so hungry and is frozen so that she can't walk anymore after she has been on a horse for a few hours. But they make it to Turkey, and they can go to the USA from Turkey. And they do that as soon as they have new passports.

Your opinion

It is an great book. It's an sad story with a happy ending. You have no idea what is gonna happen when you read the book, if they can escape or not or if they will die in Iran. It is unbelieveble that someone had to go true all that just to go home.
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