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De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1093 woorden.

The book I have read is ‘This Perfect Day’ and it was written by Ira Levin in 1969.

The story takes place in different areas on earth in the years 141 till 172 (in a time that the world was controlled by a big computer (UNI)). It is a description of Chips life from when he was six till he was 37 years old.

All the characters are computer-controlled but some people have less or no treatments so they are special and they are called incurables by the ‘normal’ people. The other people looks like each-other.

The most important character is one of the incurables and his name is Chip (exactly LiRM35M4419, but his grandfather called him Chip and he likes that name). Other incurables also have other names (like Lilac, King, Snowflake etc.) then they have got by UNI.

The background is very important for the story because it could not happen in this century we live in because it is too modern and now it is impossible to do that all with the computers (like the treatments and that your life is programmed by your birth (you will die at the age of 62)).

The story is a futuristic novel because the people are all controlled by UNI so it can only happen in the future if it will happen ever. The subject of the story is the seeming perfect world in the future, controlled by one very big computer. It is scheduled when you will die (at the age of 62), when you have sex (weekly), when you have your treatments (monthly). The treatments keep people docile so they would not come into conflict with the forces that control the world.

I think it is not realistic because everything have to change so much that it is impossible because I think that not everybody wants it and then it becomes an impossible mission to give everybody their bracelets (to indicate yourself) and their treatments every month. Everybody must be the same like behaviour and appearance, that is impossible I think!!!

the most important character is Chip, he is the hero of the story. In the beginning of his life, he is one of all but with one abnormality; one brown eye and a green one. Later, he hears about the incurables who run away and take off their bracelet. He starts thinking about him and becomes more and more into conflict with the forces. I cannot give a good character--description but according to the things he does, you can see he is very intelligent and he can live on his own merits so he is very independent.

another important character is Lilac, she is dependent, has less treatments and is not easy to talk round. first she is in love with King

but he commits suicide. Chip falls in love with her and they run away together not of her own free will.

Other characters are King, snowflake, BobNe20G3018, Karl, Julia Costanza, Dover Newcome, Ria and Jack Newbridge and Lars ‘Buzz’ Newstone.

If it were possible I would like to get to know Chip because when he wants something, he does it.

I would prefer not to meet Dover Newcome because he is a betrayer and a liar when he wants to ‘help’ Chip with his mission to destroy UNI.

Summary: When Chip was six, he heard about the incurables, he found it nonsense and did not think about it. Chips grandfather ‘Jan’ took him to UNI in 145, to show him the real UNI (rows of mammoth steel blocks set each against the next and hazed with cold). Chip did not like it because he passed a scanner without showing his bracelet and that is forbidden.

Between July of 153 and Marx of 162, Chip had four assignments. During those years he was outwardly a normal member of the Family but inwardly he was far from normal. He met Snowflake, Lilac, King and other not normal people with who he had pleasure. he got less treatments so his hate against UNI became to grow and grow.

After some other jobs, Chip thought about running away to an island for incurables. He made a plan and selected an island where he wanted to go to. He prepared his run away very well.

Then it was time to run away. He kidnapped Lilac and they ran away by bike. Lilac first doesn’t want to go but that changes when she has had no treatments anymore.

They found a boat and sailed to Mayorca, there they lived in the city Pollensia in an half room and they got new names (Eiko and Grace Newmark). Chip worked hard for little money what him made angry.

They got a child named Jan.

Chip made a plan to destroy UNI. He went away together with Dover, Jack, Ria, Karl and Buzz with bombs, bags and a good plan.

Everything was all-right till Jack and Ria worked against Chip. They were not carefully anymore and they were killed by their own bombs.

The rest went to the tunnel that leads to UNI (but not Buzz, he went back because he had pain in his leg). In that tunnel, Dover took possession of Chip and Karl (the only ones who survived the trip). He

led them to a community where people who have also tried to destroy

UNI. They must live there but Chip did not want to and he destroyed Wei (the ‘constructor’ (like Jesus) of UNI). There is panic and Chip runs away alone, back to Mayorca where his child and wife still live.

There is an open ending.

The title is well-chosen because it is about the seeming perfect organised world of tomorrow with no hate and no violence.

I enjoyed reading the story because it was not very difficult to read and it was a good story so it was nice to start reading and you could read it almost at a spell. I have never read a book like this. It is a nice book and I would recommend it to everybody. I have learned about how life will be when you are controlled by a computer, and that is not nice!!!

Optional assignment 1:

Another title.

It would have been better if the book had had another title. I would have preferred ‘This Perfect World’ instead of ‘This Perfect Day’, because the whole book is about the seeming perfect world of tomorrow and it is not about only one day. So I would have preferred ‘This Perfect World’.
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