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Lies of Silence – Brian Moore –

Chapter one

The story began as Michael Dillon ends his day of work. Michael works in Ireland by a Hotel. He has a wife, (Moira) but he doesn’t love her anymore, he loves another woman now, Andrea. Andrea tells him she was offered a job in London, but she doesn’t want to go because of Michael. But then he tells her that he’ll come with her and that he will ask for a transfer to a hotel in London. She’s very glad to hear this.

Chapter two

Michael arrives at home and finds his cat dead in his garden. Michael can’t tell Moira that he want’s to divorce yet, and decides to wait until the morning, because maybe it’s to much for her.

Later that night their house is invaded by IRA-members. Michael and Moira are kept hostage the intire night. When Moira says she has to go to the toilet, she climbs out of the window and tries to escape. Before she’s caught by the gunmen, she screams on the roof, but nobody hear it.

Chapter three

The two gunman, who are set to watch Moira and Michael, are young insecure and make mistakes. The are supposes to call each volunteer, but one calls the other by the name ‘Kev’. Kev insults Moira constantly and watches her.

The next morning Michael must drive his car to the hotel and park it under the conference room where doctor Pottinger a conference gives. If he doesn’t so, or calls the police, or tries any tricks, they will kill Moira. He drives to the hotel and parks his car. But in de shop he ask where the phone is, and calls the police. They tell him to go to the hotel and evacuate all guests, they will come and they will take care of his house and Moira.

Chapter four

When the manager of the hotel calls, Dillon tells him that he wants a transfer to London because the Belfast police fear they can not longer protect him.

Chapter five

Moira don’t feel good about Michael’s betrayal of her and his eagerness to escape to London. He declares that she will not run away, but will stay in Belfast and stand up to the IRA. She’s afraid of her safety. She lives with her parents again.

Chapter six

Michael tells Moira that he has an affair with a much younger girl, called Andrea.

Chapter seven & eight

Now Moira is very selfish. She goes to the television and to the radio to tell the story about the IRA. She wants to stand up to the IRA. Now she brings herself and Michael into danger. She tells one reporter that Michael has seen the face of one IRA-man.

Chapter nine

Just before Michael has to leave for the airport, he’s contacted by a catholic priest, who says he was at school with him. Connaly, the priest, says he has heard the identity of one IRA-man: Kev. Michael angrily says he do anything to stop the IRA.

At the airport and in the plane, Michael is afraid, seeing in everyone around him a possibly IRA-spy. In London, he and Andrea, live happy together.

Chapter ten

Their happiness is disturbed by a phone call of the Belfast police, who have arrested Kev and want Michael to identify him. Andrea is scared and asks him to call the police to say he will not testify.

Then, he gets a phone call from Moira. She is afraid to and asks him not to testify. Michael realises that if he doesn’t testify, they will leave Kev free, so he can kill other people. He decides to testify.

When he tells Andrea, she can convince him not to do. Before he can call the police to say he won’t testify, he’s confronted in his apartment by two armed gunman who have come to assassinate him.

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