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My bookreport is about 'Danny the champion of the world’, by Roald Dahl.

I chose this book because I like Roald Dahl’s stories the most.

I have read all his books in Dutch and English, except 'Danny the world champion '.

So I thought it would be nice to read this book.

Main characters

Danny is the main character of the book, but his father too.

Danny is a 9 years old boy, and his mother died when Danny was only 4 months old.

He has no brothers or sisters.

He lives with his father near a petrolstation, in a caravan, miles away from the villages.

He has no friends because he lives very isolated, but he always plays with his dad, with his

self-made soapbox and his kite.

Danny's father works at the petrolstation, but he has always time to play with Danny.

He always tells Danny bedtime stories before Danny goes to bed.

What Danny doesn't know is that his father is poaching in the forest near the petrolstation.


Danny lives with his dad near a petrol station.

He always does everything together with his dad, they are friends.

They make kites and soapboxes together and they always have a lot of fun together.

But at a certain night, Danny woke up in the middle of the night, because he didn’t hear his fathers breathing.

He went searching for his dad near the petrolstation, but his father wasn’t there.

It took 2 hours before Danny’s father came back.

He tells Danny that he went poaching in the forest, 10 kilometers away from the petrolstation.

He tells Danny also how to catch the pheasants, without guns.

From then, Danny’s father tells Danny when he’s poaching.

But one night, his father doesn’t come back from poaching.

Danny decides to go to the forest and seek his father.

It was 10 kilometers to the forest, so Danny took a car which his father was repairing in the petrolstation.

He looked for his father everywhere, and finaly he found his father in a deep hole, digged by the supervisors.

Danny took a cord and hoisted his father out of the hole, but it wasn’t very easy because his dad broke his leg.

Next morning the doctor came, and told Danny that he also poached when he was young.

Danny’s father had to go to the hospital, and when he came back, he got some sleeping pills from the doctor.

When Danny saw the pills, he got a fantastic idea.

He thought ‘if it has an effect on people, why shouldn’t it produce an effect on pheasants?’

He told his father his idea, and he thought too it might work.

Together they put all sleeping pills in the raisins, because pheasants like raisins.

For the first time they went poaching together.

They strew the raisins on the ground in the forest, and because it takes about an half hour before the pills started to work,the supervisors didn’t notice anything when they were having aninspection tour.

When the supervisors were gone, all pheasants fell out of the trees, and Danny and his father putted all hundreds pheasants in a bag.

Next morning they wanted to distribute them among the people of the village, but the effect of the sleeping pills has ceased, and all pheasants few away.

My opinion

I enjoyed reading the book, because it was the only book written by Roald Dalh that I didn’t read.

It is not the best book that Roald Dahl ever wrote, but it was really nice.

Sometimes it was a little boring, because some chapters could also have told in one sentence.

But most chapters were really exciting.

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