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The book is about a girl named Cassie who lives with her father, mother and Jay, her older brother. She has an ordinary live and spends a lot off time with her best friend Ven. then she gets ill and everything goo's wrong.

It was a beautiful morning and Cassie's mum and dad had gone to their work and Jay had gone to school only Cassie was home in bed. She had been ill for weeks now and was bored to death. That day she went to bed early. After she had been lying there for a few minutes Jay knocked on her door he sat on her bed. He was telling her he wanted to quit school, Cassie told him that mum and dad would never approve, but he told her to back off.

The next morning dad went of for one of his many bussinestrips. That day Jay didn't go to school and the after that either mum told him he had to go but he didn't listen. When dad came home after a week he got in a big row with Jay, mum was in tears and dad didn't say anything anymore Jay went to his room and Cassie ran after him. When she caught op with him he didn't want to listen to her but she started anyway telling him he should listen to dad, but with a angry smile he ask her why he should listen to a man who only cared about his girlfriend and not about them. Cassie was so ion shock she didn't say anything anymore but went to her room. Did her father really have a girlfriend and what about mum, he wasn't going to leave now wasn't he? She cried herself to sleep that night.

Cassie wasn't getting any better and Jay was less and less at home, he didn't go to school anymore and he didn't come home before midnight. When dad was home they were always arguing and after a big row dad told Jay to leave, he didn't want to see him ever again. Jay really left and Cassie's mum was so angry with Cassie's dad he left to.

After a week Cassie or her mother hadn't heard anything from Jay and Cassie's mum was in a terrible state. Cassie wasn't so ill by then so she went to the mall with Ven. after looking around for a bit they went to a little shop where they sold make-up. After leaving the shop Cassie sow a boy sitting in a corner with a cardboard sign asking for money. She looked and her hearth missed a beat it was Jay.

She walked to him, but he didn't recorgnice her so she sat down next to him and started talking. At first he didn't listen but after a while he did, but when Cassie said something about their dad Jay got in terrible angry and told her to leave him alone, when she didn't, he left. She looked at him while he was going, he was wearing old, dirty clothes with holes in and he was much thinner than he had ever been. She knew she couldn't tell her mother, but she got Really worried about him now to.

Cassie's mum was spending all her time at the police station or thinking about what the might of found out, but nothing happened and at Christmas they where alone it was a terrible day. They hadn't heard from Jay or Cassie's dad. They didn't say a word and there was a horrible silence when the phone rang. Cassie's mum ran to the phone and the next moment they where on the way to the police station to see Jay.

When they got at the police station they didn't know why Jay was there. Cassie's mum was only grateful she would see him again after all that time. When they were talking to the police officer, he told them that a doctor was seeing Jay because he was totally in panic. Jay had been using all kinds of drugs mixed together and he had been using too much of them and for too long a time. At that point they heard Jay scream and Cassie and her mum ran of to the noise.

When they got to Jay he was gone totally mad. He was screaming and crying. He ran of to hide in a corner wen their mum came in and didn't stop screaming till she went out with the doctor. Now Cassie was all alone with her brother, she didn't do anything and after a while he came up to her and hugged her like he always did when he still lived at home and everything was ok. Her mum and the police agent came back in again and after seeing her with her brother like that the police officer asked if she could take him to the police van, he had to go to hospital.

After a few months Jay got back from the hospital. He was still very quiet, but he was eased down now. After that things only got better; Cassie got a boyfriend and Jay started playing his sax again, he played so good he could make a demo. They both started seeing their dad again and his girlfriend, who was really nice. Even her mum had a man calling every day. So Cassie could be happy again.

About the author

Elizabeth Laird has traveled all over the world and lives in London now with her husband and her two sons. She likes reading, travelling, gardening and cooking. She has written five other books par example; Kiss the dust, Red sky in the morning and secret friends.
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