Boekverslag : Jerzy Kosinski - The Painted Bird
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1863 woorden.

Main characters

The painted Bird

Nameless East Europe boy: He is 6 till 10 years old. He has black hair and eyes and his skin is little bit coloured.

Marta: A single old woman who is absolutly superstitious and tells the Boy never look at here face and that of the animals .

Lekh the bird catcher: He paints birds and then he is watching how the bird is picked to dead by other birds, as pastime (You could see this as a hidden message that take a white man color him black but him back in his community and he will be killed because he is different on the outside now) while he is waiting for his "girlfriend" ludmilla who is nymfomatic after she was raped as a young girl because she didn’t wanted to married some one.

Village priest: A friendly man who take’s it up for the Boy, after he is send out of the German camp an puts him with the farmer.

Farmer: Totall sadistic men who enjoys hurting the boy and setting on his dog against the Boy.

Two Russian soldiers: Mitka and Garvrila: the take care for the Boy a while and are learning him the Marxistic way of live.

The Boy Parents: Political involded people, who want’s the best for there Boy.

The belong to the intellectual middle-class section in the society.



Schindlers List

In September 1939 the Germans defeated the Polish army in two weeks.

All Jews had to report to the big city’s. More than 10.000 Jews arrived daily in Krakau.

Jews are coming in by train to check in and to get registerd.

Schindler is putting on his best suit and is getting all his money, to get friends with the German officiers, by getting populair in the restaurant by, bying them food, liquir and woman. To get contacts because he wants to make money of the war.

On the street Jews are being harresed by army soldier and on loudspeakers the

Jews are being resticted on things and the are explainig the rules to them.

The Jewish Counsel

The Jewish Counsel, is consisting out of 24 pointed/selected Jews, was in charge to carry out instructions from the regime of Krakau, like making lists for workcrews, food and house- accommodation and as a complaint-bureau.

The last thing was very smart of the Germans because so they didn’t have to deal with the complaints of the Jews and the counsel coulden’t do anything because the Germans didn’t care and changed the rules every day.

Schindler is going to hire Itzhak Stern as a accountant for to run his factory for him and use him to get in touch with rich Jews to make a deal with them. He borows money from them in exchange for pots an pans because according to Schindler the money was no good in the ghetto and Jews coulden’t run a company so the jews agree, with Schindler and give him the money.

20 March 1941 at the latest, every Jew had to be in a ghetto.

Edict 44/91 raised a surrounded jewish district South of the Weichel. It was obliged to live in the ghetto. All the Jews from Krakau an surroundings are being packed-up in a 400 by 600 m area.

Jews are being kicked out of there house and are being moved on foot to a place to get checked, if there qualified to work if you are you get a blauschein, when youre not you get transported to one of the camps.

Judenrat (Jewish Counsel) has there own police the Ordungdienst to keep order and help the Germans to checked and transport yhe other Jews.

Stern is going to collect people who will be working on the factory with a blauschein he is even forging them to get friends of him of the hooks so the don’t have to go to a camp.

Stern is picking out friends of him even one with a arm missing

People who were not qualified like teacher, musician, etc. etc. where put on the list and then they would be transported.

Schindler has to pay the SS, 7 Deutsch Mark for one Jew and 5 Mark for a woman, this money has to be payed to the Bureau of the Reich. The Jews don’t get payed, but the Polish people are getting payed so the cost a bit more. So for economic reasons Schindler takes the Jews so Stern is seeing this as exploitation of his people so he doesn’t like Schindler very much.

People are being intstructated how the must work and Schindler has to pich a secretary but he can’t choose so he take’s them all.

His wife come’s nocking on the door but a other lady opens the door, so she is a little bit pissed. Later she leaves because Schindler doesen’t want her around.

Stern is picked up because he forgot to bring his blauschein with him, Polek warns Schindler, he gets there at the nich of time and get Stern out by treathning that the soldier will be in Russia at the and of the month.

The belongings of the other Jews is being tricked of them because the tell them the get it back. So there is a pile of clothes, suitcase, shoese, jewels,etc. etc. that is being select by other Jews.

Jewish Quaters, Ghetto in Krakau, Winter 1942

Untersturmführer Amon Goeth he is going to be the campleader, of the forced labour/ concentration camp Plaszow.

It being build by Jews for 30.000 other Jews.

Amon has picked a new housekeeper for his villa in the camp, it Helen Hirsch he like her but he also hits her a lot, he once were hitting here because she ask why are you hitting me.

There is a razzia it the ghetto because the camp is finished, eney one who tries to escape or hieds wil be killed. While the razzia is going on Schindler is horse-back riding and is watching and then he gets regrets in what he is doing.

The whole film is in black and white, but only two things will be coloured, during these razzia you see a little girl wearing a red jacked and later on, if a digged up dead body is coloured blood red.

In the camp people are checked on health in the begining and every time there is a new shipment of people arrives. During one of these check-up’s the childeren are being carried away.

After the razzia Scnindler doesn’t have no workers eny more so he gets them back after dealing with Amon. Stern works now as a accountant for Amon and Schindler in the camp. Schindler is also making ammo, but he would be very said if ever one of it would fire.

Schindler is giving Stern stuff to buy people on the list, so soon the factory get’s the reputation as a refugee for people in the camp and outside. Schindler doesn’t like this because this is very dangerous for him.

Amon is a little bit disturbed and accordinh to Amon controle is power, so Schindler tell him a little story about the power of Emperors. That power, is forgiving some one, where you got all the reasons to kill him that is power, so Amon forgive’s two people but then he shoot a little boy who coulden’t clean the bathtube.

Schindler kissed two Jewish girls on his birthday who brought him a cake, wher he later on will be arrested for Amon get him free.

In the barraks some one tells about the gas-chambers nobody believes her because the all think its to strange for words because there are "so important" to the Germans.

It a hot day and people are being stacked in train like caddle,so Schindler suggest to spray them wet with water, everybody agree’s because Schindler plays it like he enjoy’s it to bully the people and the other think its cruel of him giving them hope like that because thes all the people will be gassed.

Chujowa Gorka April 1944

Schindler is walking in Chujowa Gorka, in the begining you think its starting to snow, but in fact its ashes of burned corpses.

Because: Department D has orderd Goeth to dig up more than 10.000 corpses, of murderd Jews from Plaszow en Krakau and burn them.

This is being done by other Jews, the horror the had to stand trough.

The war is coming to a end.

Schindler takes three suitcase’s, because he wants to buy Jews, Amon agree’s.

The making Schindler’s List is begining. He buys more than 1100 Jews and Stern say’s;

that the list is a sign of absolut goodnis,

the List means live,

in the marges of the list it flows.

He also take Helen Hirsch with him after "winning" her in a game of blackjack.

The train with man go to Zwilau- Brinnlitz, Tjecheslowakie, Oskar Schindler’s residence.

But the train with woman go to Auschwitz, but Schindlers saves them of the gas-chamber

by bribing of a high rank officier, with jewels.

In the factory he makes sure non of the guards will kill people, he tells them if you schoot eney one with out a good reason you will go to jail and I will be compensated.

During the 7 months that Schindler’s ammunition work excisted, it was a was a model of non-productivity. During that period he spended million’s on corrupted official’s to keep his worker’s.

The war is ended, the guards where given orders to kill the population of the factory, Schindler tells them that the can go back to there wife and childeren like men or like murders, so the guards don’t kill them.

The Jews give Schindler a golden ring and a letter where there is explained what Schinler did for them, for when he get’s captured, with the signatures of all the 1100 prisoners.

Then he drive’s away while to whole camp is looking after him.

The next morning a soldier on a horse tells them that the have been libareted by the Sovjet -army, then every body walks in line over a field to a village, and thats the end.

Amon Goeth got arrested in Bad Tolz, where he was admited in a sanatorium. He was hanged for crime’s against mankind.

After the war Schindler’s marrige stranded and he also failed in business later on.

In 1958 he got acknowlegde as a "righteous men" by Yad Vashem Institute in Jeruzalem

and invited to plant a tree on the avenue of the righteousnes and it still grows there.

Now a day there are living less than 4000 Jews in Poland.

There are more than 6000 descendants of the Schindler Jews.

This film is made in memory of the six million murderd Jews.
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